Zaddy: a flash fiction romance. Will this Vampire dad get some time with his wife? 🧛🏿‍♂️❤️

A vampire dad tries to enjoy his wife but a little person won’t let him. 

          The door swung open and pulled the steam right out of my shower. “Daddy I wanna brush my fangs!” 

          “Alright let daddy finish his shower.”

Once I finished my shower I helped him brush his new mini fangs and went to make sure my lady was still awake. When I saw that she was, I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

          Anxious to get back out there to her, I put little man in his room with toys and then sat down next to her on the couch with nothing but my towel on. I placed my hand on her thigh as she smiled and rested her head on my chest. We both exhaled.

          Little man emerged from his room. “Mommy! Daddy!” he yelled as he jumped up and sat between us. I winced and patted my son on the back. She eyed me over his head. 

          I hopped up to fix him a sandwich in hopes that he would finally give us a few minutes alone.

Before I started building the sandwich, wifey got up and kissed me on my cheek.

“I got this. Go in the bedroom,” she said. In a matter of seconds she had the toddler in his room with snacks,tv, books, and she secured the latch on his door.

          I went into our bedroom with a huge smile on my face. When she came in, she slipped off the sweatshirt and shorts she’d been wearing all day to reveal a purple lace bodysuit. Her meaty thighs jiggled just enough to send me over the edge as she walked over to me. 

          “I love watching you take care of our son.” She stroked my arms. “When I’m done with you, you’ll want to get back in the shower,” she said. Her fangs emerged then she whispered in my ear, “Happy Father’s Day.”

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