Velvet Vanilla Adventures: Olly Plant Protein Review

just a silly pre-workout selfie ☺️

So…ya girl is on a workout high. I just finished this video workout:

Don’t you just love that feeling of giddiness you get after a workout? Your mind feels clearer, and your spirits are lifted? That’s how I felt after finishing this workout.

Now I’m about to try out this plant protein by Olly. I call myself trying to go vegan again, so this is one of my many efforts to get there lol. **Lordie help me**

The link to the protein powder below is an affiliate link, and if you click and purchase I will receive a commission. ❤️

I’m going to be drinking it with water only, no smoothie for me. Let’s go!

Ingredients: pea protein, flax seed, cane sugar, natural flavors, salt, guar gum, monk fruit extract, and Stevia Leaf extract

I wasn’t sure what the heck monk fruit extract was, or guar gum. But I googled and that cleared that up. Moving on…


Initial Taste: Not gonna lie, when I smelled it I thought it was gonna be gross. But it wasn’t! I was pleasantly surprised!

It doesn’t have a very sweet taste, which is probably a good thing. It definitely has that “protein grain taste.” Perhaps it will taste better in a smoothie—I’ll try that later this week.

Texture: on a scale of one to ten, it’s a 2 or 3 as far as the nasty grainy thing that happens with most protein powders.

Overall opinion:

I will buy it again, but not before maybe trying out a few others.

It’s worth a try, at least once! What do you think, will you try it? Let me know!


Nia Venus 💋

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