The Power of Discomfort 🤦🏾‍♀️

I walk into his room, and like clockwork, his diaper and his pants are at his ankles. He stands there, smiling at me with his pants-less self.

”Come on, baby!” I yell. I sound mad, but I’m not really mad. And the toddler is smiling, so he knows where I’m coming from.

I’m done feeling anything other than amusement at this now, but when he first started doing it I was extremely uncomfortable! I’m thinking what if he pees on the floor? And all sorts of other crazy things control freaks think.

My toddler is at the stage where he’s pulling down his diaper when he’s wet. Sometimes he runs around pants-less, and honestly, it’s pretty funny.

Though he’s not using the potty regularly, my toddler hates being soiled. And yeah, it’s annoying to have a toddler running around naked at random times through the day, but you know what?

We’re growing. And growing takes DISCOMFORT. Through my child’s discomfort, and mine too, we are getting closer to potty trained land. 🤞🏾

Today I want to talk about the many ways that discomfort makes us more productive, more motivated, and more successful people.


Ever had an itch when you’re trying to stay still? It takes mountain levels of strength to not scratch.

When I was on dance team, there were times when we had to stay statue still, and sometimes I’d have an itch! I’d have to clench my teeth, swear in my mind, and think about my dance mates and how I don’t want them to do push-ups for my moment of weakness! Bottom line, I had to do whatever it took within myself in order to keep myself still.

So yeah, discomfort has a way of pushing us into action.

Just think about your life. How often does discomfort make you move it?


Discomfort is hard to ignore, unless you practice ignoring it. When my toddler whines and cries, Every bone in my body seems to cringe. I hate it.

But instead of getting emotional myself, I’ve trained myself to investigate the problem he’s having, and work to solve it. Discomfort has a way of helping us focus more, which is beneficial in the end because when you know what you don’t want, in turn you know what you want.


Consider what you do when you’re comfortable. You sit, enjoy, relax. Right? You’re not trying to expand too much when you’re comfortable. After all, the only way you can go is deeper into comfort.

The comfort zone, though we love it, isn’t safe. Why? Because within comfort is also stagnation. When you are uncomfortable, you are in a new space. You’re stretching yourself, spreading your wings farther than you’ve gone before.

How about you? Do you notice how discomfort in your life forces you to improve? To sink or swim? How do you plan to allow your discomfort to fuel you?

I’d love to hear from you!


Nia Venus 💋

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