How to become more VALUABLE πŸ’šπŸ’°πŸ’΅


Well, that seems simple enough then right? You become more valuable by becoming more useful.

I know, this sounds way too simplistic. I feel the same way. Why do so many of us walk around feeling like we deserve so much more than we get from life? Are we all just delusional?

I dont think so. I think the problem is, we can’t see all of the opportunities we have to be more valuable because we aren’t looking within ourselves to see where our skillset actually lies.

There are a few things you MUST do to become more valuable, and increase the abundance that flows into your life.


When I was a teacher, they had us read a book about the growth mindset. Good stuff. Check it out on amazon if you’d like. The basic premise is that there are two perspectives you can take in life. One is that of lack, and the other is that of growth. You can probably guess which one leads to success.


I refer to myself as a lifetime learner, and as such, I will be learning until I’m dead. Learning new skills allows you to not only see what interests you, but it also allows you to stretch the value you can add to others.


Take care of yourself. Don’t walk around drained. Whatever it is that fills your cup, gets you energized-DO IT! Because the better you feel, and the more energized you are, the more USE you will have to offer others.


For a while I have been lying to myself about some of my vain values. I consider myself spiritual, so sometimes it can feel sort of icky to be materialistic or into clothing, beauty, makeup. But I had to face it: I LOVE BEAUTY. and MONEY. and material stuff–is dope!

The key is…be HONEST with yourself about what you deem important and of value, and do not let anyone else discourage you from whatever you decide. Live your life in line with your values and you will be so much more useful to those who can benefit from what it is you have.

Now I am sure there are many more ways to make yourself more valuable. Share your tips below!


Nia Venus πŸ’‹

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