3 WAYS to keep your dreams alive…and in 3-D!

Hi Friends!

Have you ever shared an idea, passion, or dream you had with someone and had them completely shoot holes in it? Or worse…they ignore it and start talking about their OWN dreams?

Most of us have dealt with this at some point but you know what? It’s all good. we have to learn to let the doubters doubt, and remind ourselves that doubt is contagious. That means we must keep ourselves immune to the dream killers by committing to keeping our dreams ALIVE!

Here are a few things I’ve learned we have to do if we want to manage our dreams, especially the ones we want to see in reality.


You are the only person living your life. If you don’t like it, work towards changing it by FIRST adjusting your attitude.

You can only move from where you are.

If you want to change direction in life, then look in a new direction. Let the past go. Let old beliefs die. If you want different, you have got to choose to be different.


It seems silly, I know.

Take the time to imagine and play with your dream within the safety of your own mind. If your mind starts to feel unsafe, meaning you are starting to doubt your dream; then back off for a while. Sometimes we can be our own enemies by trying too hard.

Be kind to yourself. Change is hard. We humans are wired for survival, and typically we don’t want to change unless its absolutely necessary. Your dream is only as necessary as YOU deem it to be. Only you can decide how bad you want it.

If your dream starts to feel too big, back away and just think about how good it will FEEL when you accomplish tour dream. Let go of specifics. The devil is in the details and that devil can be quite discouraging if you are not ready.


Do not be afraid to keep your dreams to yourself. Put your head down and do the work. Visualize, fantasize, and fuel your dream with your own energy and thoughts. The purpose of this is to CONVINCE YOURSELF that your dream is possible.

You want to be unshakable in your belief. Telling people who don’t have your best interest at heart, or even well-meaning people who simply don’t believe you can do it, can thwart your hard work creating your dream.

If its too hard to ignore the naysayers, guard your heart and mind from dream killers by keeping things to yourself for a time until you build up enough belief in yourself to disregard their opinions.

Build up faith in your dream by thinking about it, feeling good about it, and basking in the excitement of what is to come.

Fight discouragement by disregarding it, or reminding yourself that it is YOUR JOB, and YOUR JOB only, to find a way to feel good (and keep feeling good) about your dream.

How do you keep your own dreams alive? Let me know; drop a comment!

-Nia Venus


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