STAY UP by looking Up

Every single day, there is something new to look at when raising a little person.

Some days there may be poop in places I don’t want it to be, and I may be annoyed have to clean it up.

Some days I witness a three year old using impressive addition skills, or reading his first words, and that makes me want to cheer.

Some days, like this morning, I wake up to a toddler spewing vomit, and that makes me worried that he ate something bad. (sorry for that visual)

But the bottom line is…no matter what we encounter in life…we can’t stay uplifted and feeling good if we are not looking ABOVE all of the waves. We must keep our eyes and spirits up, if that is where we want to be.

How about the waves in your life? Do you look at the ups and downs as a ride? Or do you get stuck in one place or sit in frustration during the down moments?

I used to get emotionally stuck. a lot. I still do sometimes, but I am able bounce back faster and faster, and that is my goal.

Every time something I don’t want happens, i stop myself. Force myself to stop the negative chatter, and focus on what it is I prefer. I remind myself that on the other side of this pain, if I can tap into it, is pleasure.

One of my biggest life questions has been: how do I stay uplifted and inspired when theres so much seductive BS to pay attention to in this world?

So much to argue about.

So much to be upset or sad about.

How does one stay above the noise so that it does not consume you and create a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction?

I can tell you that I don’t have the magic sauce…but I do think it exists.

The problem isn’t the junk happening around us…it’s our ADDICTION to FOCUSING on it. I will speak for myself, but I love a good scandal, drama, fight on tv. Don’t we all?

But unless you want a havoc filled daily life, you have got to find a way to look UP, when the facts of your life seem to want to pull you DOWN.

How can we do this?


Look at each slice of unwanted crap that makes its way into your life, as a new opportunity to place your focus to what it is you actually want to see.

Our minds are under our control. Do not allow your mind to control you. Grab the wheel and decide that you will use your mind to think FORWARD, not BACKWARD. UP, not DOWN.

Looking back is only good for appreciation for how far we have come, or a chuckle at how ignorant we once were.

Looking down is only good if you have the tools and equipment to help someone else up.

STAY UP, friends! We are in this together.

-Nia Venus ❤️

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