How to stop feeling broke ❌ 🥲

Many of us want more cash; more tangible wealth. Today we’re talking about where it starts…with how you FEEL. FEELING BROKE means your emotional strength is crushed. It means you feel incomplete, lacking, or useless. How can we stop feeling this way? Step 1 PUT YOURSELF TOGETHER. SERIOUSLY, it’s that easy. Well maybe it’s not […]

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Life is sour…then it’s sweet!

So…I’m my son’s hairstylist. While loading the dishwasher this morning, I was thinking about how much I’m dreading washing my son’s hair. Why? Because he HATES getting his hair touched at all. What’s more…this is how much hair he has: So then, as I continued filling up the dishwasher, I realized hey, MAYBE if we […]

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