Spirituality is not a cheat code

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to Jail. This is what happens when you get high on spirituality and try to avoid the inevitable shit show that 3-D life is more than capable of being. Today we’re discussing the thin line between spiritual obsession and fear of reality. As a student […]

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Life is sour…then it’s sweet!

So…I’m my son’s hairstylist. While loading the dishwasher this morning, I was thinking about how much I’m dreading washing my son’s hair. Why? Because he HATES getting his hair touched at all. What’s more…this is how much hair he has: So then, as I continued filling up the dishwasher, I realized hey, MAYBE if we […]

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MONday Blues

The palace was as cold as ice. Yet somehow a beautiful purple butterfly had made its way in, blocking my path. Father was on his throne, waiting for me. My white wings draped across the floor, tired from the wear and tear of my time in the lower dimensions. “Why the long face, child?” He […]

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How to Know Thyself

I’m either very qualified to write this, or I’m not qualified at all—but either way I’m writing it. You see, I have an identity crisis just about everyday. Sometimes it’s big sometimes its small, but I always have one. I like to (jokingly)blame it on my astrological alignments. But enough about me. How do you […]

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Earth Lust: Fantasy microfiction

Strong winds whooshed through my wings and knocked me throughout the clear blue skies. I kept my head down because if I didn’t, my sister would know where my eyes had been. The man I wanted, I needed, was down below, but the transition put fear through my heart. What would life be like without […]

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