Feeling Undeserving is a CHOICE

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would we choose to feel undeserving or unworthy? The answer is likely very simple… It’s the same reason we do a lot of things we do. Because we are comfortable with it. Think about it. If you’re used to complaining to folks about how much life sucks and […]

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How to use your emotions

An emotion, by it’s very nature, is energy moving. This is good news for those of us who find ourselves stuck in certain emotions. Why? Because you can change them—emotions move! You are not your emotions. You experience your emotions, based on the thoughts and beliefs you hold. As humans, we are easily controlled by […]

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Love in Mind: Flash Fiction

   It’s cold and rainy and my boyfriend has me on a damn rollercoaster. I love this man, but damn! He knows about my fear of heights, and of getting my weave wet, but does he care? Not in the least.  I turn to him, shakily. “Will you hold my hand?”  He scoffs and proceeds […]

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