What to do when your Relationship tastes like Stale Bread 🥪🤪

Is your relationship making you yawn? It happens to the best of us. One minute you just can’t get enough of bae and the next minute you’re racking your brain like…is this it?

So what do you do when your relationship starts to feel like a loaf of bread that’s been left out in the air too long?

I’ll tell you. Like most things, it starts with intention.

1. Accept that boredom is a part of life, and intend to change that.

You need to take responsibility for your relationship. No one is going to bring an awesome relationship to your doorstep. If you’re gonna be in one, it’ll be your own doing.

One of the realities of life is that sometimes, you will experience the feeling of boredom. However, it’s up to you how long you allow yourself to stay in that space. In another post, I discussed why we get bored in relationships, but today we’re talking about accepting and changing that boredom.

So, step one is to accept that boredom exists, and set your intention to make your relationship more exciting.

2. Make a Plan to Shake things Up

Alright, I know this doesn’t sound very sexy, but it’s an important step. Failing to plan means you’re planning to fail, yes? Cliche but true as fuck.

You need to decide HOW you’re gonna shake things up. Will you dress up in costume? Will you give him a surprise blowjob? Will you ignore him all day to see how he reacts?

You’ll know what makes the most sense depending on the nature of your relationship. The key is to select something that will snap him(and you, likely) out of the trance of boredom.

Men are visual and physical, so making a change to your appearance or make a sexual move is likely to excite him. His excitement will then make you feel desired and interested again.

3. Be open to the outcome

Step three takes a little vulnerability. There’s risk in creating excitement in a relationship. If your plan bombs and your man ends up laughing at you or if he’s confused, don’t get offended. Remember your initial goal was to shake things up. Whether he loves it or hates it, you’re learning more about him and how to get his attention. Don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t like the wig you chose, or if you fuck up the lap dance…just learn from the experience and of course…when you get bored…try something else!

What say you? How do you spice up your relationship when things get dry? Let’s Connect!

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