What are the benefits of reading Paranormal Romance? (and why I write it)

Reading is hard work. It’s easier for some than others, but it’s still quite a laborious past time. So why do it?

Reading is good for your brain, for one. But I don’t believe it shouldn’t be enjoyable. My belief is that if you’re gonna spend time reading…for fun…it had better be some entertaining shit! There is plenty of research to support the benefits of reading, but this post is about why I prefer to read and write Paranormal Romance, specifically.

When I read Dracula for the first time in my English Lit class in college, I was hooked. I know, it’s nerdy. But stay with me. You’re already here, after all. Plus I’m not gonna tell you a long drawn out story because I’m an Aries, and I ain’t got time for all that.

So what exactly was I hooked on when I first read Dracula?

I was hooked on the mysteries of the Paranormal…and the tremendous adventures and novelty that these types of stories can invoke. 👀 **cue jazz hands and wide eyes**

What’s the deal with paranormal romance? We know what romance is, it’s your typical love story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, go through some challenging shit, and then run off into the sunset. But what happens when you add the paranormal to the mix?


Paranormal is left wing shit. Read: weird. The prefix, para basically means to be “beside or abnormal.” So PARANORMAL is something that is outside of the norm. Paranormal=weird. Got it? Good.

Paranormal literature can take many forms: magic powers, mythical creatures, spiritual knowledge/powers, etc. There really are no limits—and that brings me to my next point.



Let’s face it. There nothing new under the sun, right? However, when I read my first paranormal I was taken away to somewhere that made me feel alive. It was inspiring. Different. Away from earth. Who doesn’t love a vacation from time to time? Especially when all it takes is for you to read some words? Yes please.


All good fiction has symbolic meaning in it. It makes a story much richer, and leaves you with new ideas to ponder.

In Paranormal fiction, mythical creatures and powers and almost always representative of different aspects of human nature and consciousness. Paranormal Fiction, particularly Paranormal Romance, provides an alternate way to view your reality, and your ideas of love.


Alpha males with out of this world powers? A strong, lovable vampire? Zombie? Merman?

Falling in love with a sexy alpha male is a fantasy I will never tire of. I’ll take all of it, please.

I’m happily married, so I do believe human love is amazing. BUT—that doesn’t mean I can’t see the value in escaping into another reality from time to time right?


Don’t get me wrong. Writing is hard work, and quite frankly, so is reading. However, a strong mind is a valuable asset. As a paranormal romance writer, I have fun when I’m writing. Even though it’s challenging, it’s fun because I get to explore other worlds, and invite my readers along for the ride. Men like their strip clubs and sex, I like my crazy love stories. To each his own.

In Paranormal Romance you get romance, sex, a new experience, AND a guaranteed happy ending! (Yep. Pun intended.)

So what’s not to like?

Want more Nia Venus?

READ MR. MAGICK today and find out what happens when a vanity-obsessed sorority girl falls in love with a magician. ✨❤️


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