Love Above Water: Forbidden Billionaire Romance

“Girl if you don’t hurry up and pick one of those fine ass men…I swear.” Her hands struck me from behind and threw me forward, closer to the line of men floating before me.

My bones shook and my brain zoomed a mile a minute. Such a big decision, and such a big cost. One of these men had to be mine, or I wouldn’t be able to live with my water family any more.

I studied every last one of the strong, chocolate mermen in front of me. They were all sexy physically, but none of them represented my future, and what I really wanted. I was tired of life in the water, and I had met a human man who was able to offer me more. A future that wasn’t so predictable. I dreamed of a home outside of the water and where I could finally experience what it was like to be human.

“Ummm.” My voice squeaked.

A loud thud sounded and when I spun around the water seemed to part open to reveal a human man’s figure. It was him. My human lover, Derek.

My father, mother, and the rest of our mermaid congregation gasped once they saw him. A human, in our midst. Humans couldn’t access this part of the waters, but I’d let Derek in on some of our secrets and I guess he found a way in.

Derek wore a tank, jeans, and work boots. He was a surgeon, but somehow got off on dressing like a thug from New York. Some folks thought it was cheesy, but it was the sexiest thing ever to me. My nipples went erect at the first glance of him. 

“The fuck!” My father yelled. “Humans don’t know about this space. How the hell do you know about it?”

Derek swam forward. “I’m here for Mina.” My pussy throbbed as he looked at me. He really did love me. He risked his life and right now ten mermen had their weapons pointed at him, but it didn’t stop him for being there for me.

He swam closer to my father and looked straight into the gun. How was he so fearless? 

“I demand to get in the lineup.” He pointed at the long line of eligible bachelor mermen. “I know Mina is considering me as her man, so I should be up there.”

Father huffed and nodded his head at Derek, directing him to the line. The mermen grumbled, appalled at a human being allowed to be in the bachelor lineup, but Father had them under control. They wouldn’t do anything to Derek.

In all of his snorkeling gear, he got in line next to all of the other gentlemen and then my choice suddenly felt like nothing. It was easy and I knew what to do now.

My mermaid sisters stared at me and shook their heads. Their faces were scrunched up and full of judgment.

My mother swam to me and whispered in my ear. “Mina, I know you’re different. You always have been. They might disown you if you choose that human as your husband, I won’t lie to you about it, but I will still love you and you can always come back underwater to see me. That I can promise you. I love you, Mina.”

She kissed my cheek gently, as mother’s do, and I felt free for the first time in a long time. Mother and I had never seen eye to eye, but sometimes I wondered if she may have passed down this rebel spirit to me. That was probably why she was so understanding right now. A courageous urge slapped me and suddenly I didn’t give a rats ass what any of them said.

I swam towards Derek and he caressed me in his strong human arms. He was so daring, and not cheesy like the rest of the rule-following mermen. He was his own man and I admired him because he was a rebel in his own right. After all, he was willing to turn me into a human.

Scoffs from the other mermen filled the water as we embraced, but Derek just squeezed me even tighter as we swam away. I didn’t even need to take anything with me, I’d be human soon and in need of a whole new wardrobe.

We swam up to shore, away from my family and as I reminisced on the past, a single tear trickled down my face. 

“Are you sure you want this, Mina?” He stared deep into my eyes with his hazel ones and I melted.

With my hand on his cheek, I caressed his face. “I’m more than sure.”

He loaded me onto his truck, where he’d situated a small pool on the back where I could rest my fin. He handed me a pair of shades through the back of the truck and I put them on and basked in the sun. Damn this was amazing.  Fresh air and sunlight.

We got to his home quickly. His estate was huge, and he had multiple mansions. One of them he said I could use exclusively and he had it painted pink, my favorite color. 

Since Derek was a surgeon, he knew exactly how to equip me with the appropriate body to operate in the human world. My plan was to still visit my family in the water from time to time, but most of them did not want to see me this way. Human form was evil to them.

We sat down at the dining room table once we arrived and my heart still thumped. 

He sat a glass of water in front of me and grabbed my palms across the table. “So, how you feeling? What can I do to make you more comfortable ?”

I wiped a tear. “I’m good baby. I’m just glad to be here with you.”

“When do you want to do the procedure?”

“Whenever it works for you is fine, boo. As long as we are together, that’s really all I need.”

Looking outside, I saw some twinkling lights. Night was starting to fall so the illumination really caught my attention. “What’s out there?”

Hi winked. “Just a little something I made for you.”

He led me out and there was a huge pool, miles long.” I jumped up and down uncontrollably. “This is absolutely gorgeous!” I couldn’t stop squealing. 

Though I was impressed with all of it, I was still a little saddened that my family was so close-minded. Was this just the price I had to pay to live a life I actually wanted? Maybe. But honestly, I knew the pain would be temporary. I was tired of putting others’ thoughts and desires above my own. For once, It was my turn to create a life I wanted…just for me. 

I inhaled his sexy cologne and he embraced me from behind as we stared out at the water. No matter what anyone had to say, this was a life of my creation and I was determined to love it. Because hey, it’s mine.

I kissed him and we jumped into the massive pool and enjoyed pineapple daiquiris for the rest of the evening and hit the bedroom after for some much needed lovemaking.

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