The Spirituality of Cleaning and How to Be More Organized

I’m not gonna lie, I hate cleaning. But Virgo season has really taken me in a whole new direction.

I live with beings who have super messy tendencies, but since Virgo season started, I’ve actually been okay had fun being the clean up lady! Go figure.

So today we’re going to discuss the spirituality of cleaning and organization!

I have never been super organized, but ironically, I love organized spaces. It’s a difficult conundrum that I’m sure you face yourself in your life.

Why do some of us HATE cleaning?

Have you ever slowed down enough to ask yourself why you hate cleaning? If I’m honest, I usually hate cleaning because it requires me to slow down and take my time with details.

And it makes sense. We live in a fast-food, fast-everything world, where sinking down into the details isn’t always what we wanna do. Plus, I’m an Aries and a bit impatient. (I’m workin on it though.)

Anyway, spiritually, cleaning has to do with release and discrimination. When you decide to clean, it’s because you realize that the dirt, clutter, and mess around you is taking away more than its giving you.

When the house is a mess, I’m less productive, and less focused. Some people can operate in mess somehow (coughs, my husband) but I’m not one of them.

When you clean, you are taking the time to recalibrate and create a fresh environment for yourself.

So spiritually speaking, cleaning is releasing. You are letting go of the “dirt” in your life and making room for new and better experiences.

So why are we so darn messy? What is the spiritual cause of disorganization?

Messiness and disorder is a result of a messy mind, or messy emotions. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, and its true.

When I look around my home and all I see is junk and disorder, I feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. Most of the time, I run away from it, and what happens? The pile gets even bigger than it was before.

Most of us are messy and avoid our mess because we don’t believe cleaning it will add as much value as it does. Sometimes it’s due to laziness, too. But if we truly understood how valuable a clear space is, we would be more proactive about it.

What gives? How can you be more organized?

On a practical level, organization and cleanliness is all about routines.

Womp Womp. I know you didn’t wanna hear that–but it’s the truth! You can not and will not maintain organization of any type, without making a routine of it. Why? The key word is MAINTENANCE. The same way you have to wash your ass everyday lest you be smelly, you’ve got to commit to a routine to have a space that is neat and orderly like you want it to be.

Alright so we get the spiritual side. Cleanliness is about release and clarity. Now lets get into some practical steps to make your life more organized and neat.

  1. Meditate. Meditation forces you to face your cluttered mind for what it is. Sit down somewhere and LISTEN to the noise of your mind. Let the thoughts run rampant until you finally reach a state of calm.
  2. Get Inspired. Google clean homes and just bask in the images. Don’t look at them with thoughts like “damn my house could never look like that.” Instead, just appreciate the images for what they are.
  3. Make a plan and a routine that you can actually COMMIT TO. Below I will include a snapshot of the cleaning schedule I just came up with. The key to coming up with a plan is that you can build it to suit your schedule. Some people prefer to clean once a week, while others clean every single day. For me, I do kitchen cleaning daily, because we use it daily. But vacuuming, and deeper cleaning, I only do once a week. See routine below.
  4. Learn to have fun with it. I bought myself a pair of kitty ears and I call myself “Kleaning Kitty” whenever I am cleaning the house. I know. It sounds silly as hell. But that’s me. I can look forward to cleaning when I make a bit of a game about it. When you clean, put on your favorite music or podcast or YouTube and just let it all go.
  5. Forgive yourself when you slip up. Look, I’m a mom, a writer, a wife, and a volunteer. I gets tired, and sometimes I just slack off. It’s life. Cut yourself a break, and get back on the horse. Also, women, we have periods and therefore low points during the month. I believe that we should take it easier on ourselves and learn to ASK FOR help when we need it. Nothing wrong with it, especially if you aren’t the only one making a mess in your home.

HAPPY CLEANING and thanks for reading!

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