Kiss of Freedom: Sci-fi Romance

The spaceship smelled of metal, and with no food left, even that was starting to smell edible.

The commander yelled into the intercom. “Abundia, land now. We are prepared for takeover.” 

My hands shook violently as I stared at the spaceship’s control panel. Why had he even assigned me to drive the spaceship all these years, if I could never make any decisions? That was the reason I even tried for the role; to have influence. We didn’t need to take over another planet to survive, and I knew it. So why was I afraid to tell him?

The door clicked open behind me. I turned to see the ship commander. My heart pulsed faster in his presence. He never came in here unless there was a huge problem, and right now my biggest problem was that even though I was borderline famished, he looked so good to me. 

He scowled at me. “Abundia, why didn’t you follow my instructions?” 

I swallowed. The last few years I’d followed his every command. Today I couldn’t.

With shaky hands, I looked him in his eyes, “We don’t have to take them over, Commander. I have another plan.” 

He pointed at me. “You. Have a plan?” 

His face softened, and he let out an exhale. The commander’s body slowly magnetized towards mine. Heat washed against the back of my neck. His lips were so close, I could smell his minty breath. A shock surged through my body as his lips finally brushed up against mine. 

“Tell me about your plan,” he said. 

A smile grew on my face.

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