My Top 3 Romance Fiction Tropes

A romance trope is a popular theme in a romance novel or film. Below I list a few of my favorites!

Alpha Male/Billionaire

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Because, duh! Who doesn’t like a strong, rich, asshole man? Sure they’re annoying and everything, but you can’t deny the appeal.
I personally do not believe the alpha male has to be full on butthole.

In Natavia’s Brick, the alpha male has a gentler side which he shows to the heroine at the appropriate times. Check out this superb love story today on Amazon; it’s one of my faves. (And no, I’m not getting paid to say that).

Alpha males are appealing because they fully embody masculinity—which is not a dirty word, ladies! When a man is confident in his masculine energy, he makes space for the woman to be confident in her feminine. It’s a dance, not a competition.

Forbidden Love

Admit it. There is something ultra sexy about anything forbidden. There’s sweets, fried foods, and then there’s that sexy love interest you just can’t have.

Stories of forbidden love draw us in because we know they’re gonna get together in the end…we just don’t know how. The unfolding is so delicious because we get to see the characters transform and overcome their emotional and psychological blocks to love. Yes please!


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Everyone wants a love that transcends the mundane. I can’t be the only one, right?

What do I mean by transcend the mundane? Well, soulmate lovers share a connection much deeper than surface level attraction.

For instance, in Mr. Magick, the two lovers are bound together through a love spell. Once they find out about it, they must decide if it’s worth it to continue.

Soulmate connections can be deep and emotionally heavy, which is one downside in my opinion. But to be able to share a connection rooted in more than the physical is highly appealing to me. Maybe it’s my spiritual side that loves these types of stories so much.

There are many more romance tropes, such as: enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, secret billionaire, love triangle, stuck together, second chance, interracial. etc. Share your favorite tropes and examples in the comments!

Soon I’ll do a post on fantasy and paranormal tropes, yay!



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