48 Laws of Beauty: The power of Beauty and How to Harness It

I love beauty. Not just the cosmetic industry, but the psychology of it, the science of it, the power of it, and the crazy way that it impacts our day to day lives.

Beauty Pays, is a well known idea. There’s even a book about it. It’s a valuable asset. The less superficial of us try to deny it(myself included at times), but there’s no real point in that. Physical beauty has its value.

So when I saw this title, 48 Laws of Beauty, playfully modeled after 48 Laws of Power, I had to check it out. I wasn’t disappointed. Below are three laws I loved from the book.

If it interests you even a little bit, I advise you to check the book out. Some of the laws are common sense, but a refresher never hurts. There’s a link at the bottom of the post. (I’m not being paid to promote this book 🙂).

You can read it for free with kindle unlimited, and it’s such a quick read you can devour it in under an hour.


Any woman who has ever felt powerless to beauty

Any woman who is into beauty, but never thought about it from a more spiritual or psychological perspective

Any woman who has failed to understand how to feel about beauty

Any woman who has ever been envious of another woman’s beauty, or wondered why another woman envied her beauty

Any woman who wants to embrace her beauty but is afraid to

So here are three of my favorite laws from the book:

LAW 12: Use your beauty to attain things you need. But do not allow your beauty to corrupt your character. As you are more of your character than your beauty. And beauty fades. 

Why I like it: This law reminds us that beauty is in fact a tool. It does not define your character. Your character is comprised of much more than your physical appearance. Personally, most of my days are spent having an out of body experience. Or trying to escape the prison that is this human vessel. Don’t worry, I dont have dissociative personality disorder. I dont think. Shrug.

Bottom Line: Beauty is a tool. Nothing less. Nothing more. If you make it more than that, you run the risk of heartache when if evaporates from your life. You also miss out on getting to know all the other aspects of yourself.

LAW 22: When you forget that you and your beauty are not one, you give other people way too much power. Always see beauty as a prop. This way you can self develop instead of depending on the fleeting vanity of beauty. 

Why I like it: This. If you and your beauty are one…you are tremendously limited. You’re like a static pin up girl poster on a wall. What will happen if you place all your stock in beauty and then it fades. Are you nothing now? Are you worthless? Nah. You aren’t. Why?

Because ‘ugly’ or ‘plain’ people have value. Why? Because they can think, create, and make, and provide things that help others.

I can change my toddler’s diaper whether I’m sporting a full face of makeup and stilettos, or a grumpy robe and acne. The diaper changing act has value either way. Beauty is not a requirement to create value. Its a plus, sure, but it’s not a requirement.

Imagine if the world simply consisted of a bunch of pretty people looking at each other and basking in their beauty. Beauty would lose its value, and society would be eerily predictable. We probably wouldn’t have half of the amazing innovations we have in this world if that were the case. Beauty is a luxury, and again, a tool. Treat it as such. Enjoy it, but don’t let it possess you. Thats fruitless.

LAW 47: Beauty can gain you a lot, but you must understand the formula. Femininity and beauty go together like white on rice. With this elixir you can guarantee almost anything. But it does NOT guarantee HAPPINESS.

I love this one the most. Beauty can help make you happier, yes. But it can not COMPLETE you. Why? You are not JUST your body. Who is controlling your mind? Who is hearing your thoughts right now? Is it your body? Or something else? 🤔💗

Enjoyed these laws? I made a dope info graphic with them on it. Click below if you’d like to take a look at it.

Wanna check out the book? I recommend it. Follow the link below.

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