Destroy your Brain Fog: Vitacup Genius Tea Review

It’s Friday at my house. Baby boy is on his tablet, and the hubby is studying for some hard ass finance test. And me? I’m about to try this Genius Tea and do some editing. It’s supposed to help with focus so this seems like an opportune time, right?

I’ve tried Vitacup’s Beauty Tea (and coffee) before and it was delicious. (I’ll do a review on that later). I also loved the ingredients. I bought some for my mother and she loved it too.

So I’m pretty excited to try out this genius tea.


it’s a bold black chai tea

spiced with cinnamon, clove and allspice

Genius Boosters Ingredients:



Vitamins: B1, B5, B 9, B12, and D3

Here’s my review of the tea:

Initial Taste: kind of bitter, though I might have let it steep too long. Add sugar if bitterness is a problem. It is a black tea though so I get that, taste wise.

Over time it became more drinkable. Once I adjusted to the black tea(I mostly drink fruity and green teas), then it was smooth sailing.

Would I recommend this tea? Did it help me focus?

Heck yes! It wasn’t the best tasting tea in the world, but I got through the two chapters I wanted to get through, and I actually enjoyed it! I wanted to read all night and the tv wasn’t calling my name the way it usually does.

I attribute this tea to helping me focus stronger and longer than I usually would.

If you’re scatter-brained sometimes, like me, then I advise you to try it out!


Nia Venus

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