Romance or Erotica—which one is for you?

A romance is a love story. Erotica is um…a story about a sexual encounter. What’s the main difference? Heat level.

As a reader(and writer) of both genres, I’ve noticed some of the differences. Read on to decide which is better for your personality.

NO PATIENCE? Erotica is for you.
Usually, erotica gets to the point way faster than romance. It’s all about passionate heat, and sex. This means that there may not be as much character development, backstories, world building, and all of that other stuff that must be developed in a romance.

Love to hear couple arguments? Romance.

Romance is more about the lovers, and their barriers to love. If you like listening to couples fight, (Malcolm and Marie, anyone?), then romance will be more your speed.

Romance can boost emotional intelligence.

Because Romance is about two people falling in love, this genre has the ability to get you in touch with emotional understanding. Each lover will have something, usually emotional, keeping him or her from love. Watching a character grapple with this thing will teach you something about emotions and how they can be transmuted.

Love Novelty? Try some Erotica.

Erotica can show you things you like…that you may not have known before. Car sex? Voyeurism? Polyamory? Maybe you’re an eternally vanilla sex gal—nothing wrong with that either. The bottom line is erotica can be a lot of fun when you are in need of some spicing up in the bedroom department.

Here’s a fun info graphic I made with some of the main differences between the two:

If you’re looking for some erotica I’ve written a few paranormal erotic short stories under pen name Coco Cosmic. Enjoy!

And if you like romance check out this urban fantasy, Mr. Magick.

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