Ariel vs. Ursula Mentality: Which one do you use?

Had a lot of fun coloring this…thanks Happy Color!

Ursula: “The only way to get what you want…is to become human yourself…”

Ariel: *Widened eyes…* “Can you do that?”

Ursula: “My dear sweet child..That’s what I do! It’s what I live for. To help unfortunate mer-folk like yourself…”

Ariel: “But I won’t get to see my family if I become human…”

Ursula: “But you’ll have your man. Life’s full of tough choices…Oh and there is one more thing…we haven’t discussed the subject of payment…It won’t cost much…just your voice!”

Ursula: Now Sing….Keep singing!

Ariel sings.

Confession time: the song Poor Unfortunate Souls, is saved and favorited in my Apple Music library. *face palm* Yes, I’m an overgrown kid and I listen to Disney soundtrack songs. But this song is deeeeep! Let’s get into it.

Of course, the above dialogue is paraphrased from The Little Mermaid. But it touches on something that we all go through, right? 

Each and everyday we have choices to make. We have priorities to juggle, and many times we have opposing desires, leaving us stuck in the middle being jerked around like a piece of meat.

Let’s explore the Ariel mentality versus the Ursula mentality…and what we can learn from both…


-Values outer guidance over her inner guidance

-Trusts other sources that are confident in themselves, because she lacks it 

-Is unsure about what matters most to her 

-Is open and trusting 

-Is blinded by her immediate desires

-Does not consider consequences thoroughly 


-Targets the weaknesses in others and finds a way to profit

-Never doubts her abilities

-Is convincing and strong-willed

-Is about her coin!

-Has a plan which she executes by any means necessary 

-Has goals 

-Has clarity on what she wants 


If you haven’t seen The Little Mermaid that’s highly unfortunate, but you can still learn something here also. 

Generally, I would classify Ariel as prey, and Ursula as predator. 

In my opinion, both of these are a bit extreme for daily life. 


If I had to choose one to be more like…

It would probably be Ursula! 

I know what you may be thinking...but Ursula gets destroyed in the end! Why would I want to be a villain?

That’s where sometimes Disney lies to us, because the reality is we don’t all have a merman father who can come and rescue us at the last minute(like Ariel’s did).

Instead, what we must do is make sure that we PROTECT our naive self(Ariel) with the Ursula part of ourself! 

We all have an insecure, frightened aspect of our personality which is motivated by fear more than power…and that’s okay. We are human. 

But if we want to see better results in our lives,  we have to reach within ourselves and find that inner Ursula! 

When we feel weak, Ursula mentality will remind us that we can devise a plan to feel strong again. 

When we are indecisive, Ursula mentality will help us to use cause and effect to see which decision would be better, or if we need to make a new plan altogether. 

When we feel desperate for something, Ursula mentality will remind us of the COST…and force us to decide if we are willing to pay it. 

So what about you? In your day to day life are you more of an Ariel, or an Ursula? Are you weak-willed, or do you know your inner strength? I’ve been both…but boy do I enjoy my Ursula moments 😹

Let’s chat!! 

Nia Venus 💋

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