A Few Reasons We May be Craving Money

Many of us crave more money, more resources, more happiness.

But craving is different than wanting. Craving is intense.

When you crave something, you want it so bad it hurts. Meaning…you’re hyper aware of what it’s like to NEED IT.

Craving money could mean a lot of things but it probably falls under one of the following:


Money is energy. We trade it to get our needs and wants fulfilled. When you pay for something, you give that thing energy. In turn, it gives you energy back. It’s up to you to decide if the trade is fair.

When you crave money, you feel empty not only externally, but internally too. Craving money means that you have not awakened to the fact that you have the ability to generate energy.

This was the main issue in my book, Married to a Psychic Vampire. Royce knew that he didn’t have to live his life solely feeding on others’ energy if he didn’t want to.

But how do you generate energy on your own? *taps chin nervously*

I never said it would be easy. Boosting your energy when everything around you seems to be falling to shit is no easy task. BUT it is the only way you will change your energy levels.

Some ways I like to generate more energy is through breath work, visualizations, and meditation. Those are free, but some costly ways include using crystals. entertainment, books on and certain foods. (Eat your greens!)


We’ve talked about how to build your self esteem many times in this blog. When it comes to money, it is directly correlated to your self esteem.

Right now, make the amount of money that you believe you can make. But in order to increase that, you will have to increase what you believe you can make.

This may mean you learn more skills by going to the library and reading some books. This may mean you become an apprentice. This may mean you start a YouTube or blog. Either way, you must transform your belief in your money making abilities and it starts with heightening your self worth and esteem.


Seriously. This world makes it so easy to feel scarce. Every time you turn around there’s something about lack on the news, implied in a beauty commercial, or just heard in simple conversation.

The scarcity mentality says there is not enough, and there never will be.

Can’t you see how detrimental this belief is? You lock yourself into a mental jail cell and then wonder why you can’t get out…even though you’re holding the key!

CHOOSE to see the areas for growth in your life. Can you invite money in by learning a new skill? Making a temporary sacrifice by working more or eating out less?

I’m sure there are many other reasons you may crave money. But remember, you have what it takes to get more of it. You just have to apply yourself and mend your murky mind!

How do you invite money into your life when you find yourself craving it?

Nia Venus 💋


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Nia Venus 💋

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