What cooking without a meat thermometer taught me about CONFIDENCE

We recently moved from Colorado to Atlanta, and the meat thermometer decided it wanted to stay in the west I guess.

As such, lately I’ve been cooking meat without one. *cue ominous music*

I’ve been making a lot of chicken on the stovetop and I quickly realized how much I’d given my confidence to that thermometer!

Now that I didn’t have the trusty thermometer, I found myself UNSURE the meat was cooked through. Even if it looked done! Even if it had been cooking long enough.

I worried about whether I should leave the chicken in the skillet longer. Sometimes I would dread that my husband might bite down on some undercooked chicken. That became my daily nightmare! Lol. My confidence was zapped.

Low and behold, three days of making meat successfully without the thermometer…

drum roll…

I’m finally confident in my ability to not poison my family with salmonella. *applause*

So…what exactly have I learned about confidence?


In this situation, I had to take action and actually cook without the thermometer in order to BUILD the confidence. As I said, it only took three times.

Depending on what you want to build confidence in…it may take more tome to build it but if you show up and do the work, you’ll get there eventually!

For instance, building confidence in your public speaking make take more time than building confidence in your ability to paint your toe nails. It’ll be different for all of us, but you get what I’m saying.


We know this, right? Doubting your abilities slows your confidence all the way down.

If I had let my doubt rule me with the meat thermometer, I wouldn’t have realized how good I actually am at being attentive to my food when I’m cooking! Sure, I could have ran out and simply bought a meat thermometer, and I probably still will, but now I’m proud to know I can trust myself without it.


Confidence is a matter of what you are WILLING to confide(read: trust) in. Confidence requires your participation. It requires you to relinquish your attachment to doubt and fear.

Because when you’re confident, when you are truly 100% confident, doubt has nowhere to squeeze in.

So what do you know about confidence? How do you stay confident when faced with new challenges?

I would love to hear from you!

Nia Venus 💋

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