Do you really know what you want?

When I was a classroom teacher, especially in my first year, I learned a TON about what I didn’t want.

I didn’t want students who tried to out-talk me.

I didn’t want a thousand people asking to use the restroom at the same time.

I didn’t want daily power struggles and agony.

I didn’t want kids fighting in my classroom.

I didn’t want to dread what I did everyday and leave home with a sinking feeling that I hate my job.

How did I learn that I didn’t want these things?


But here’s the thing. I didn’t realize it until later, but I was focusing SO MUCH on what I didn’t want in my classroom, for the longest, I didn’t know what I actually wanted!

Years later I realized what I wanted was…

Students who were engaged with what they were doing.

I wanted to feel in tune and in sync with the studnets and their needs.

I wanted to create and implement fun lessons that were enjoyable for me as well as my students.

I wanted to wake up excited, and leave home happy that to know that I would come back the next day.

I say all of this to ask you…

Do YOU truly know what you want to see in your life? Do you write it down? Do you ponder it? Does it make you excited to think about the life you are creating?


What do you think would happen if you started to SPEND MORE TIME contemplating what you wanted over what you DIDN’T want?

I say this because slowly…but surely…I’ve been making this switch.

I’ve been taking more time to ponder what I want, and I’m seeing things come into my life. If you think this may work for you…why not give it a try?

💋Nia Venus

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