Naggin’: A Flash Romance. She just wants a clean house…but how far must she go to get it?

“Fuck!” I grunted, eyeing the giant lump of basketball shorts and dingy white tees on the floor. 

Again? I grumbled to myself. Does anything I say matter around here? How hard is it to pick up a t-shirt every now and then? 

I walked out to the living room to see him with his feet up on the coffee table, still in his pajamas. The voices of rowdy basketball commentators thundered through the big screen. He stared at the tv looking like a hypnotist’s victim, unable to move.

“Babe,” I said. “Come on, we talked about the hamper, right? It’s right there.” I pointed towards the laundry room. 

He glanced at me for a split second and grumbled something about it being the weekend. 

I stormed back into the bedroom and plopped down on the bed. I closed my eyes to gain some composure, but when I opened them again, I saw a mahogany figure with horns standing a few inches from my face. He was tall as hell and had skin like a crocodile. Jagged, nasty teeth filled his mouth and gobs of green goo covered his face. 

“Go ahead and do it,” he voice said to me, gnashing his teeth together. 

I bent over. A cramp attacked my stomach and suddenly I felt like I was fucking dying. I got flashbacks to giving birth, though this feeling was much worse. My whole body trembled in agony.

“W-what are you talking about?” I forced out.

“I am the Demon of Nag,” his voice thundered. I shivered as I felt a wave of his energy wash over me. I was overcome with a gripping, painful feeling. It was as if all the rage I had inside me, met up in the center of my body and traveled up to my throat, making me unable to control what was about to come out of my mouth.

“You know you wanna go in there and…” he smiled, revealing his monstrous layered teeth. “…tell him how you really feel,” he breathed.

Helplessly, I let the energy permeate through me, making my temperature rise to excruciating levels. I walked back out to the living room.

“Why won’t you listen to me, damn it?” I yelled. “All I wanted is for you to put the damn clothes in the hamper.”

He sat up. 

“Bruh you still on this? Don’t you have something better to do? You could have washed five loads with all this time you’re spending on my case,” he said without even looking at me. 

He threw the xbox controller and slammed his drink on the table. 

I jumped, startled. The energy I’d just received from the demon figure vanished. I felt more like myself. Less angry, and more sad.

“You don’t have to throw stuff,” I whined, regretting how I came at him. “It just seems like you don’t listen to me if I speak normally,” I said. 

“Nah, that’s not it, genius,” he snapped back. “I don’t listen because I’m trying to enjoy my damn weekend in my own house. Why don’t you get that? Laundry ain’t everything. Let a nigga enjoy some peace.”

He stormed out of the house. 

My bottom lip quivered. Why did he have to be so harsh? I felt like I was always being penalized just for wanting some order and decency around the house. I paced back and forth, biting my nails. I had no idea where he was going or what he was about to do. 

All alone in my apartment now, I sat on the couch in silence. The demon was gone now. I guess my energy was too low for it to even feast on anymore. I went to the bathroom and enjoyed the peace and calm of a clean floor, realizing that maybe he was right. If a clean floor meant I’d be alone, how much was it really worth? I laid down in the bed and scrolled through Facebook to distract myself. 

It wasn’t working, plus I got tired of smelling myself, so I went to take a shower. Afterwards I threw some makeup on and adorned myself with gold jewelry. I put on my favorite short black dress because it always made me feel better when I put it on. Though now that I was all alone, the comfort of a sexy black dress wasn’t as potent as it usually was. I sighed.

The sound of jingling keys at the door made me jump. I double checked myself in the mirror to see how I looked. 

“Yo,” I heard him yell while I was still in the bathroom, “it’s me. I’ll be in and out. I’m packin’ a bag and staying at my bro’s house,” he yelled from the doorway. 

I couldn’t see him but I could still feel the anger in his voice. It was potent. I stepped out of the bathroom to face him. 

“Wow,” he said, looking me up and down. “Well damn.” 

He walked closer to me and rubbed a tear from my face. He dropped the nike duffle bag that was in his hand. It was hard for me to accept that putting on a dress could change him like this. It was just a dress, after all. And a little jewelry and makeup. If I was honest, though. I did feel better when I was all done up.

He stared at me. “You look gorgeous, baby. If you give me some of this,” he said as he grabbed my ass, “I’ll take care of all the laundry this weekend, even yours.”

He kissed me on my lips and we shared a long, sexy embrace. I smiled inside, pondering what else I could wear to get him to do the laundry every weekend…

Copyright 2020 by Nia Venus

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