Kittens Heels: A Short Story. She’s on a quest for beauty and status—will she make it? 💄👠🤔

What happens when all you wanna do is feel beautiful for once, but every single step you take pulls you ten steps back?

This is a super short story featuring the heroine in my debut romance novel, Mr. Magick, on her journey to becoming a member of Alluring Xcellence Alliance (A.X.A)

Diane Attends A.X.A. Rush 

“Oh shit you look fancy, where you headed?” my roommate Vickie groaned.

I hadn’t seen this much passion on her face all year, and even now she still looked stoned as hell.

I applied an extra coat of neutral colored lipstick and slipped on my new heels. My mom had given them to me.

Funny thing, if she knew what I was up to she’d be pissed. She had always told me not to fuck with sororities. She said they were evil cults that drank your soul. Maybe she was right, but I didn’t care. I wanted A.X.A. more than anything.

I looked at my roommate. 

“I’m going to-” I started. “An event—–” I stopped myself. 

I knew better than to tell her I was going to submit my application for Alluring Xcellence Alliance, the most exclusive sorority on campus. Not like she had anyone to tell since she had no friends, but better safe than sorry. 

Vickie side eyed me and went back to playing her PlayStation. She had to be the only chick in the building who brought a console to college. I didn’t know many black chicks who gamed past the age of twelve, but then again, Blakely had all different brands of black people, and that’s what I most appreciated about it. 

The minute I stepped outside I regretted wearing these damn heels. I felt dumb walking halfway across the campus, on the verge of slipping and falling every few seconds, but I had to do it.

If I was chosen for A.X.A. I’d probably have to wear heels everyday. I assumed that was how they stayed so popular. Rain or shine, they believed in being pretty. And that meant heels. All the time. 

For me, it was worth finally being associated with women who were beautiful and got lots of attention. Call me shallow, but for once, I just wanted to know what It felt like to be seen as beautiful.

The closer I got to the building, the more my armpits dripped. I was nervous as fuck. Today could make or break my chance to be chosen. 

A giant, hairy black spider appeared in my path. When I tried to walk around it, it juked me, following my every move. What the hell? I walked the other way again and somehow I still couldn’t get it to stop mirroring me. I tried to step on it but the fucker wouldn’t die.

I closed my eyes and tried to envision the spider dying. Visualization was one of my favorite ways to practice magick. I held my mind there for a few seconds, imagining the prickly beast struggling to it’s death. 

When I opened my eyes, it finally disappeared. My stomach was in knots I was so anxious to get there. I checked my watch, I was still early. That made me relax a little.

Breathlessly, I pulled the door open to see a line of women stretching five miles long. Geez, when did they get here? The poster said 4:00PM and it was currently 3:15PM. Clearly I didn’t get the memo that said if you’re 45 minutes early, you’re still late. Also clearly I wasn’t the only one wanting a piece of the A.X.A pie. I sighed.

Every aspiring A.X.A. in line wore the same uniform as me: colorless business attire and heels. I’d learned not to wear colors the hard way my sophomore year when I showed up to one of their events with their colors on, pink and blue, and every A.X.A member looked as if she might kill me. None of the women in my family were sorority women, so I didn’t understand how things went, and how your position as a sorority member had to be earned.

Observing the line again, I guessed there were easily one hundred girls, stuffed in this tiny hallway. I sighed. How was I gonna stand out? I wondered if it was even worth putting my application in. I dropped my head down and got in line behind the last chick in line.

About an hour later, it was finally my turn to submit my materials. A really pretty brown skinned girl snatched my manila folder from me. I believe her name was Portia; I had seen her on the sorority’s instagram. She looked down at my heels and started laughing. I saw her tap one of her sorors and then they both exploded in louder laughter.

“Kitten heels,” Portia said, laughing. “Who does that?”

I looked down and screamed. The spider, it had followed me. It was crawling up my leg. How was it that I couldn’t feel it?

Embarrassed as fuck,  didn’t even have time to process Portia’s roast on my shoes. I ran out, frantic, and when I got outside the spider was gone.

I looked up at a tree, and behind it I could see a figure of a woman. I could see just one of her eyes, staring at me, as she held a black spider in her hand.

I know who she is, and if you don’t defeat her, she’ll defeat you, a man’s voice said in my head. I looked around, turned in a full circle to see if I could find the source of the voice, but no one was there.

Copyright 2020 by Nia Venus.

Thank you for reading!

Mr. Magick, an urban romance novel, drops on Amazon Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Read more about it here.

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Disclaimer: Just so ya know, this is a work of fiction. Any similarities to a real person or entity, living or dead, is coincidental and 100 percent not intended by Nia Venus, the author.

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