Beauty and the Warlock: She’s just trying to work a spell, but something keeps getting in the way…✨

Short Story Synopsis: Ashton is dishing out major distractions while Diane works on her spell casting. Will Diane figure out how to balance her magickal life with her new magickal boyfriend?

Just as I lifted my new pink magick wand, the smell of old boiled eggs and mold poisoned my nose. I left my altar and walked into the living room where Ashton sat on the couch watching tv.

I saw a cluster of teeny tiny demonic-looking blobs of floating dust escape from behind him. Each was the size of tennis ball, black, and had a creepy ass face. I jumped back and clutched my chest.

He looked at me. “Sup.”

I pinched my nose. “What is that coming out of your ass?” I said.

“Oh those?” He pointed at the floating black balls of stench. “My bad. I farted. Sometimes when I do it, these little critters come out.”

The smile on his face pissed me off. “Well, the smell is making it hella hard for me to cast this spell. I’m trying to up my law school admissions test score,”I said. “I put my hands on my hips. “You know I have a sensitive nose. Can’t you be a little more considerate, babe?”

“I said, my bad, Diane. It’s a natural bodily function though. Remember—you’re a magician. You’re in control. Use your power. ” He placed his foot onto the coffee table and directed his eyes back to the screen.

I sighed and thought back to simpler times, when I lived with females. Females who didn’t let out nose-burning demon farts right in the middle of the living space. I mean, couldn’t he just take his ass to the bathroom? At least?

I stomped back into the bedroom and picked up my wand again. Another one of Ashton’s farts sounded from the other room and in a matter of seconds, I saw one of the black fart demons trudge it’s way under the door and into the bedroom where I was almost done casting my spell.

I fought back as hard as I could and made myself focus on my wand and my intent. I chanted “170,” the score I wanted, over and over, but the rotten smell of the demon fart kept wafting under my nose. Finally, I gave up on fighting it. I sat my wand down and stared at the demon in its face.

“Hi there, little fart demon, what is your name?” I said. At the sound of my voice, the black mist wiggled and then scurried straight out of the window behind me.

“Hmm,” I said to myself. I smiled, feeling accomplished, but still a tad confused. Once I was done casting my spell uninterrupted finally, I went back out into the living room.

“How’d it go?” he asked. A wide smile stretched across his face.

“Somehow, it went well,” I said. When I greeted your little fart demon, he disappeared out of the window and I could finally focus.”

“See. I’m really just helping you become a more powerful witch,” he said. “You gotta be able to work through distractions.”

He winked at me and let out another demonic fart. I threw a pillow at him and we laughed.

Copyright 2020 by Nia Venus.

Thank you for reading! Want more Diane and Ashton? Check out my novel Mr. Magick today!

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