Mortality and Why I Write Fiction

Mortality & Why I Write Fiction 

I think about death a lot, and a recent death in my family has caused me, in my usual fashion, to think about the subject further. 

I don’t think about death to be morbid, I think about it because it always gives me a reality check: life is precious, to live is to learn, and we all have something to contribute.

We know we will pass away someday, yet it is never an easy truth to accept. But why? 

One reason is because death reminds us how finite this body is—how brief this experience is. 

What does this have to do with why I write fiction? Everything. 

I write because I think a lot about problems and solutions, and I don’t believe any of my problems are unique to me. I have struggled with:

Low self esteem


Relationship Issues




…and so forth.

A simple google search confirms I’m not the only human who struggles with these things. These are human problems.

I believe through sharing my experiences, not only will I heal myself, but I will help someone else on her journey.

Writing is one of my favorite artistic mediums. It’s a place for me to be honest about my emotional experiences and share them with anyone drawn to read about them. I believe those who need my work, will find it. 

I write because it’s an efficient way to paint the human condition, in order to learn more about it. 

I write because I know I’m not the only one who struggles with love and life the way I do. 

I feel most helpful communicating through characters, highlighting the pains and pleasures of life. 

I write to share knowledge. I write because I understand the power of words, and the power of the mind.

I write to record conversations I’ve had with God.

I write to entertain, uplift, inspire, and give hope. 

I write to help others feel less alone. 

As a human on this planet, I feel obligated to be my best self, and I feel my best when I’m sharing what I’ve learned about life and how to become that best self. 

You see, I believe every human on this planet has a story worth sharing. A song worth humming to. Something of value to add. Why? Why do I believe this? Because at the root of it all, we all want the same thing: Freedom. Love. Happiness. A Happy Ending. To be WHOLE. To have an experience. 

The problem is, some is us wait until we’re ill, or on our death beds to share our journey to wholeness. We wait to share our experiences. 

Whether we feel we’ve failed or succeeded on our life journey, (hint: there is no failure, only learning), either way we have gained knowledge from it. We can share what we’ve learned and how far we’ve come. 

I want to encourage you today, that no matter what your art form is…no  matter what you do as a career…share your knowledge. Share your experiences and above all…dare to be yourself. There is only one you and you are only here, as you, for a limited time.

I was once crippled by low self worth and a lack of self belief, sometimes I still am, but life experiences have taught me that there’s absolutely no point in living this life hating yourself. You’re here, so find a way to love you.

Don’t be afraid to be you; to share you with the world, because you never know who needs your story. 

Release everything you want out into the world so that when you do finally leave this place…you are free. You are light. And you can move on to a better space. 

Infinite Love,

Nia Venus 

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