The Spiritual Root of your Insecurities

Not gonna mince words here: you are the root of your insecurities. More specifically, your beliefs create them.

If you are insecure about something, it is because you believe you have a lack of security in a certain area. Key words are belief, and lack. You believe you lack, and therefore you lack. It’s that simple.

In my novel Mr. Magick, the Heroine’s biggest insecurity, like a lot of women, is her physical appearance. She believed herself to be inferior, and so that’s what life showed her. Below I will tap into some big ideas as to the ROOT of your insecurities.

What is insecurity? Here’s a dictionary definition to keep us focused:

Insecurity: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

Let’s jump into some high level, spiritual reasons you may be insecure.

You don’t know who you are.

This world is busy, and there is a lot of information floating around in it to fill your mind with.

The problem is, if all you are paying attention to is the stuff going on in the world, and not yourself, you will forget who you are.

You are an infinite being. Okay if you’re logical and don’t want to believe that. How about this: you are a human with potential. This is true, right? Right.

But the thing is, if you believe you are a limited in anyway, or if you believe you don’t have potential, then that is what life will show you.

If you are insecure it is because you have accepted your current position in life as the final position.

When you are insecure, You have lost connection with yourself and your true potential. There is no real reason to lack confidence or self-belief, because the fact is: that you can CHANGE who you are today by taking action. If you’re uncertain about yourself, you’ve forgotten that you can become whoever you want to be, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and attention to what you want to be.

How often are you comparing yourself to others instead of looking at your own value? How often are you placing other people’s opinions above your own? The more you do this, the more insecure you feel because you know you’re not working on solid ground. You’re building from someone else’s blueprint instead of trusting yourself.

This brings us to the next point.

You trust everyone but yourself.

I know, it seems easier to trust someone who has a degree or claims they studied some shit for a hundreds of hours, but at the end of the day, no one knows you the way you do.

Not trusting yoursel is disempowering as hell. I mean, why don’t you trust yourself? Is it because you don’t have a handle on your emotions? Do you not trust yourself because your logic is weak? Or because you haven’t gotten to know yourself well enough to trust that you’ll put your best interests first? Maybe you should work on that first. Master your emotions, get to know yourself, and develop trust within.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking outside knowledge. I’m speaking as a person who loves knowledge of all types. I mean, I love spiritual knowledge, astrology, science, mythology, economics, psychology, religion…give me all the topics.

But the thing is, there is an endless supply of knowledge on this earth. What in the world is the point of knowing all these random facts and ideas if at the end of the day when you’re alone, you still have no idea who you are or what I want out of life?

What is the point of existing and living inside this vessel that is myself, if I can never trust it? Why be me if I’m always striving to be someone else? It makes no sense.

You don’t believe you have access to the divine.

God. Lord. Dark Matter. Jesus. Cosmos. The list goes on. We all have many names for the divine, but how connected are you to the divine though? If you’re insecure, I can promise you that you are disconnected from the divine in that moment, because the divine makes no mistakes.

You do not need anyone or anything outside of yourself to access the divine. God, or the Divine, lives within you and is available for you to speak with at all times if you can rise out of your humanness enough to have faith that God is there.

For those who don’t believe in God, think of it this way. Do you believe that an insecurity can be overcome? Yes? Alright then. All you need to do is face your insecurity head on and believe that you can rise above it. It still comes from faith. Faith isn’t a dirty word. We get in our cars daily and have faith we’ll make it back home. So you too can have faith that any insecurity you have can be overcome by simply believing that it can.

So…a few takeaways. If you want to feel more secure in your life, try the following:

  1. Get to know who you are.
  2. Learn how to trust yourself.
  3. Get in tune with God. ( ie: Your Higher Self)

You do those three things enough, and your insecurities will start to melt away just like mine have. Moment by moment, day by day. The key is to never stop doing these things. Never stop connecting with yourself and the divine, and you will always be satisfied. ❤️

Let’s connect!

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