Earth Lust: Fantasy microfiction

Copyright 2020 by Nia Venus

Strong winds whooshed through my wings and knocked me throughout the clear blue skies. I kept my head down because if I didn’t, my sister would know where my eyes had been.

The man I wanted, I needed, was down below, but the transition put fear through my heart. What would life be like without my wings?

My sister flew around me in circles. “You’re not going to enjoy it, sister. The earth is a harsh place,” she said. 

“I must  try. That man, he has something I need and I can feel it.” As an angel, it was my duty to enjoy my work from the higher realms and never sink below and interact with the humans, but I couldn’t deny my desire. The sky was no longer for me. 

After a deep breath fell from my lips I engaged my wings, tilted forward, aiming towards the earth. The wind roared violently through my hair and the popping in my ears hurt like hell.

I stopped flapping my wings and let my body fall. The winds tugged my body and by the time I reached the ground, my wings were torn off. The pain was gruesome and when I finally hit the stiff pavement, my mind went black. My sister had been right about one thing, gravity was harsh.

For a moment I thought I was dead, but suddenly I felt arms like rocks cupped under me.  When I opened my eyes I finally saw the beautiful human man.

His eyes were hazel and filled with concern. He held me like I weighed nothing at all. “Lady, what the hell? Where did you come from?” he said. 

My heart beat like a drum, but my mouth would not move. I was distracted by the security of his strong arms and just hoped he would never let me go. 

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