Swimming in His Lies: Fantasy Romance

A short story featuring Sasha and Zi, two fifth dimensional beings from my second novel which will be released this fall!

Copyright 2020 by Nia Venus. All Rights Reserved.

In all my years of having a fin like a fish, never once had I wanted to be human, until now. My fin itched, like insects were crawling inside of it.

As I swam back and forth in our kitchen, ignoring the smell of the bacon burning, I knew this itching could only be due to one thing. Zi, my sneaky behind boyfriend, was up to something. My Fiver senses had been tingling for months, and though I wanted to ask him about it, I couldn’t.

Part of me wondered if Zi had anything to do with those soul-sucking Water-Wolves that were possessing our kind.

My heart froze at the thought of the last time I questioned Zi. He wasn’t a man who liked to be questioned too much, about anything really. I stroked my forehead, realizing there was no real way out of this; I couldn’t question him about it because what if he left me? Yin Magick school was for couples, and if Zi dumped me, I would become an outsider with no Magickal resources. No home.

I brought my attention back to the burning bacon and removed it from the skillet. Thankfully, Zi liked his bacon burnt. A red light caught my attention so I looked to see where it was coming from. When I swam over to the bathroom, I heard Zi humming and I saw the intense red light glowing from under the bathroom door. The light was vibrant like and unlike anything I’d ever seen in Yin. The color red was usually associated with low vibrations, vibes way too low to exist in Yin.

When I swam closer to the door, heat flashed out at me and when I touched my forehead, like I thought, it was covered in sweat. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d felt that much sweat on my face.

Why was it so hot near him? What the hell was he doing in there? I didn’t want to disturb him, but what if he was on fire or something? Fumes filled my nose and I wasn’t sure if they were real, or if I was imagining them.

Nervously, I knocked on the bathroom door three times with my ear pressed against it.

“What, Sasha?” Zi snapped. His voice was raspy. Was he in there rubbing one out? A sharp popping sound hit my ears.  

My heart pounded as I still stood close to the door. “I just…are you okay in there? It smells funny.” 

“Sasha you know you got that strong ass nose. You done cleaning yet? Don’t worry about it me, I’m a grown ass man. I got it in here.” 

Sometimes I wondered why I put up with such an asshole. Was it the dick? No, it wasn’t the dick. It was the safety of it all. 

Zi was bold, and a leader in the Yin realm. We were a power couple and it was nice being the female at his side and one half of the most magickal couple in the realm. 

A deep sigh fell from my lips. Pulling my hair back, I swam back into the kitchen to finish up the dishes and try to act like a normal girlfriend. 

The bathroom door whined as Zi opened it. He swam over behind me, massaged my back and kissed my neck. His deep breathing created bubbles in the water and I could tell he’d just sprayed himself with his woodsy cologne. That smell was intoxicating and the massage made me close my eyes for a second.

Don’t let him get you that easily, I reminded myself. I forced myself to focus on washing the dishes. He smelled good, but his body was still ridiculously hot. Fivers weren’t ever hot like that—we lived in cool water after all—so it didn’t make sense. I kept my thoughts to myself because I didn’t want to hear his mouth. 

“I’m sorry,” Zi whispered as he nibbled my ear. “Dr. Hunter has been working me like crazy lately. I’m a little stressed.” Dr. Hunter was our principal at the school and I wondered why he was giving Zi more work than me when we had the same skill set.

My hand held the dish sponge tighter and I put more force on the dish as I considered what he said. “Really?” I said finally. “Well why don’t you relegate some of that work to me? I’m talented too, you know. We’re the best magicians at the school.” 

Zi chuckled and caressed my booty. “I know you’re talented Sash.” He ran his fingers through my thick hair. “But I like my woman to be happy. You seem happier when you’re taking care of me and our home.” 

Again, I fought the urge to go off on him. He was so blind. How could someone I was so intimate with on the regular, be so blind to what I really needed? Did he not realize I was more than a maid? Besides, as much as I wanted to,  I still didn’t trust him. He was up to something. 

“You’re right, baby. I’m sorry. I’ll chill out.” I lied.

He spun my body around and kissed from my neck down to my breasts. “That’s right. I’m your man baby. You can trust me,” he said.

I grabbed his short dreads and kissed him passionately, the way I used to do when we first got together years ago. Zi did have this way of making me feel absolutely sexy. 

We kissed a little more before he had to leave to meet with Dr. Hunter. Once he was gone, I looked around our apartment. It was perfectly clean and there was nothing else for me to do. 

Battling with myself, I considered following him, just to make sure he was going where he said he would. 

I left and swam to the Magick building where Dr. Hunter would be. I saw Dr. Hunter, but no Zi. 

Where was he? “Dr. Hunter,” I said. 

“Yes Sasha how are you? What are you doing on campus today?” 

“Oh, just getting some Magick supplies. Are you meeting with Zi today?” 

Dr. Hunter narrowed his eyes and stroked his pointy chin. “Why no, Sasha. I’m not? Have you lost him?” He chuckled. 

My face stayed straight. “Oh no,” I fake laughed. “I just thought he would be here.” Using a lot of willpower, I kept my voice controlled and slowly swam out of his office. 

I didn’t know where else to look for Zi, so I did something I said I would never do. I used one of our magickal tools. As a Fiver couple, we had ways of accessing each other through our tools because they were always charged with both of our energy.

I held our wand in my hand and used it to try to locate where Zi was. 

I couldn’t believe his fucking lying ass! After thirty minutes I approached a massive cave. It was huge like a mountain, but at the bottom of it I saw a red light like the one from our bathroom. Then I felt the heat again. Zi was swimming back and forth, swishing his fin like he was trying to make a decision. But what about?

“Zi!” I called out. He whipped around and zoomed through the water towards me. His jaw was tight and his massive black fin swung swiftly behind him. 

“Sasha what the hell?” 

“Don’t what the hell me, Zi. What is this place?  Why are you here and not with Dr. Hunter where you said you’d be?” 

Zi’s face dropped. When he looked back up his eyes were filled with sorrow and he appeared really distraught. 

“Baby what’s going on? Tell me I’m your girl,” I said as I grabbed his hand. 

“I just…just needed some space Sasha. This is a random place I found that was away from all of my obligations.” 

“But why did you lie to me, Zi?” 

“I didn’t want you to feel like I was running away from you, babe.” A tear fell from his face. Never had I seen Zi cry. Even when his own mother passed away. Never. 

Confusion plagued me. He couldn’t still be lying right? Maybe my gut wasn’t right this time. Maybe Zi was just trying to take care of himself and looking out for my feelings. But still, what was that damn light down there? I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

We hugged and I planted a kiss on his cheek. “I apologize, Zi. But please, let’s just be honest with one another from here on out okay?” 

He pulled me in closer and placed his hands on my hips. “Okay, Sasha.” 

As we hugged I kept looking at the giant mountainous cave he seemed to be headed towards. Something still didn’t feel right, but for the sake of this relationship and my status as a Fiver being, I would keep my mouth closed. For now…

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