Liquor Magick: Is her ambition blocking her love and driving him to drink?

Copyright 2020 by Nia Venus

My eyelids hung down like lead, but the man across from me, in tattered clothing, smelled just foul enough to keep me awake. I looked at my phone for the thousandth time, and clenched my back teeth. Why hadn’t he texted me?

The train tussled my body back and forth. Holding the phone in my sweaty palm, I cursed myself. This was my fault, wasn’t it?

I dragged my body off the train and clicked my high-heels across the winding sidewalk. Was my new study schedule pushing him away? Was I just giving him the space and opportunity to cheat on me?

My late grandmother’s face entered my mind as I stepped over a puddle. I saw an image of her crooked smile as she rocked back and forth in her wooden chair and stared at me with a wrinkled forehead. “I tell you gal…” She pointed at me. “Don’t give no man your heart until you’ve figured out ya life for yo self. Ain’t no need being anxious over a man. Life is too short.” 

Her southern draw comforted me, even in the unreal corners of my mind. She used to always tell me to place men on the back burner. To put my dreams first. That’s why instead of coming straight home to our apartment tonight, I had been studying late because I wanted to be a lawyer. 

But why did I feel scared? I took one last glance at my phone. Nothing. My brain and my heart both ached as I started up the short flight of steps to our apartment. 

Maybe if I give him a blow job this whole thing will just blow over. My chest tightened and with an exhale, I stuck my key in the door.

The door swung open to reveal Rob and Ashton sitting on the couch laughing their asses off, kicking back, slapping their knees and blowing weed smoke into the air, making our apartment smell like the train I’d just gotten off of. There were blunt wraps everywhere and multiple shot glasses sitting around like there had been a party in our apartment. 

I bit my bottom lip to hold back the rage that wanted to fly out of my mouth. For a few seconds I didn’t move, instead I stood there observing them acting a fool. After some time, the both of them finally realized they weren’t alone anymore. 

Ashton’s eyes were red as hell and he squinted at me like he was blind. “Hey, boo, you look beautiful,” he slurred. Instead of saying beautiful, it came out bootiful. I rolled my eyes as I watched him and Rob still laughing over nothing it seemed.

“Hey babe.” I still kept my distance as I hung my coat up. “Where yall been?”

Rob cleared his throat. “We just went down to the bar.”

My heart dropped. There was only one bar close to us that they would have gone to. Blakely folks were always there. What if Ashton fucked around on me and that was why he didn’t text back? Even though he’d already graduated from Blakely, I just knew there had to have been some hoes at that bar throwing themselves on him.

“Oh, ok.” I walked towards our bedroom and tried to stay cool. My throat got drier and drier the longer I pondered what Ashton might have been up to at that bar. I couldn’t leave for a few hours without him going full on frat boy on me? He was finished with college, I thought that meant he would be more mature. But he’s a man, so what the hell was I thinking?

I rummaged through the closet looking for a certain crystal. “Aye!” Ashton yelled, making me jump. “Girlfriend,” he slurred. “You not gon come out here and give your man no hug or nothin?” 

Yuck. I hated when he got this drunk and talked crazy. “I wanna change real quick. I’ll be right back,” I yelled from our bedroom.

Somewhere between my holographic handbags and sequin dresses, I knew I would find this crystal. It was the one of my crystals I programmed to get people to tell the truth. I needed to know if Ashton’s ass was cheating on me or not, and I needed to know now. 

Guilt surged through me. Ashton was the one who taught me about Magick, and now I was using it against him. But I had to know if I was wasting my time with this relationship.

After digging through my pink magick supply box, I selected my strongest clear quartz crystal and chanted into it in a whisper to refresh its programming. “Show me the truth, show me what’s real. Let what really happened at the bar, be revealed!”

“Diane!” Ashton yelled. “ I want my hug, babe. Don’t make me come get you.”

Anxiously I scurried back out into the living room where Rob and Ashton were still taking shots.

I sat on Ashton’s lap and his hands instantly trailed down my breasts, waist, and hips. He always got this way when he had too much alcohol. Annoyed, I turned around and gave him a kiss then directed  my eyes at Rob as I still clutched the truth crystal in my pocket. 

“So Rob, how was your outing? I can’t believe ya’ll are still getting this drunk. It’s like yall are at Blakely again!”

Rob took a hit of his blunt and narrowed his eyes at me. His crooked smile was a little disturbing. With my hand in my pocket I activated the crystal again as a reminder that right now, I was seeking the ultimate truth. 

“Diane,” he slurred. “You prolly should have been there, girl.”

A silence hung in the room after his sentence. Why should I have been there? I clenched my teeth together and forced my body still on Ashton’s lap.

Rob continued in his drunken speech. “Ya boy…ya….boy….Ashton was popular as hell at that bar. Specially with the ladies…” his voice trailed off…

…to be continued.


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