Werewolf at the Disco: Fantasy Fiction

Copyright 2020 by Nia Venus. All rights reserved.

In the dead dark of the night, you couldn’t miss those neon lights. The music was so damn jolly it made me squeamish. Every time a human walked out of the place a waft of a cotton candy scent came with him. I’m a werewolf, I devour. Demolish. So why couldn’t my eyes leave that damn building?

Turning away from the booming night club, I ran back into the woods to finish up. I morphed into my wolf and pawed into the ground where I’d left it. Yes! Still here. My half eaten deer; it still leaked fresh blood. I devoured the meat and sat there in the darkness once more. 

That damn fruity ass smell hit my nose again and I walked towards the club, morphing back into my human form along the way. Out of curiosity and boredom, I walked towards the front door of the club.

After paying the club’s fee I walked in to get assaulted by strobe lights. A low laugh fell from my lips. This place was hysterical. Was this really what humans did with their time? Move their bodies in a crowded ass crazily lit room? What did it do for them?

A human woman wearing a hot pink mini dress waved at me. Did I know her? I wrinkled my eyebrows and turned around, assuming she had the wrong guy. To my surprise, her light up heels sauntered across the floor and she finally stopped and stood directly in front of me. 

“I was waving at you, cutie,” She said. The woman flicked me on the nose and then grabbed my hand. 

What drugs was she on to approach me with so much damn confidence? I would have pulled away, but the roundness of her buttocks as she walked in front of me kept me on the trail behind her. 

The air was misty with sweat and excitement the closer we got to the center of the dance floor. 

“Dance with me,” she said. She turned around and moved her hips around in front of me and my body stiffened. This was some super strange shit. I started to sweat. I’d never mingled with humans in this capacity before and didn’t know what to make of it. 

“Come on, you feel it,” she said. Without turning around she continued to dance in front of me, never pressuring me to do anything specific. Just enjoying herself. Her energy was infectious. My body started to sway involuntarily. Before I knew it my arms were flailing every which way and I was lost in the upbeat music. It was exhilarating.

By the end of the night, myself and the hot pink dress lady won a dance competition, and that was the night I learned the healing powers of a dance party.

An aspiring sorority girl meets a magician, and her life’s direction transforms as they uncover the secrets of their fated relationship.

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