How to Stay Thankful when life Freakin Stinks

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Don’t ask me why I chose that photo.

Anyway…Happy Thanksgiving! How do you stay thankful even when life doesn’t look how you want it to? Read on…

SET THE INTENTION. Let’s be real. It’s much easier to complain than to be thankful. So you’re gonna have to intend to be a more thankful person if you want it to happen. Why? Being thankful all the time is counterintuitive. We’re accustomed to seeing what we don’t like and getting mad about it. But staying thankful in the face of what appears to be a hot mess…that takes desire, dedication, and practice.

CLOSE YOUR EYES. Your life stinks because you’re looking at it too hard. So close those eyes and create a new picture. Meditate. Lock yourself in a room and don’t come out until you’ve found a reason to smile. Do whatever it takes to escape the mental train of pain.

DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOU. Seriously. Go do it. Now. Even if it’s just paying a stranger an honest compliment. Watch them light up. Giving is receiving.


We all have them. Think about something terrible that you grew from, and understand the value of rough time. They are the seeds of a brighter future.


If all else fails!
Dave Chapelle, The Office, Issa Rae…choose your pleasure!


4 thoughts on “How to Stay Thankful when life Freakin Stinks

  1. Great post on staying thankful during this season. A lot to take from and apply to our daily lives, i especially love the part about giving onto others, spiritually I believe it does wonders for the soul. Dave Chapelle always works if all else fails 😂. I wrote a post about the importance of gratitude which I think you may find interesting and would love your take on it

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