Married to a Psychic Vampire: Two Thrilling Short Stories

Thank you guys so much for reading my blog! The Nia Venus Author website has reached 100 likes! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Here are two short stories featuring characters from my next release: Married to a Psychic Vampire, coming soon! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving. ❤️


My heart pounded as we stumbled into the supply closet. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I backed away from him and my back met the cold metal rack lined with ketchup packets behind me.

What was I doing in here? Tonight’s costume party was supposed to be about me promoting my restaurant, not getting my freak on with someone I just met.

“You okay?” Royce asked.

No, far from it, I wanted to tell him. Instead, I just stared at him as he chewed on a toothpick. Not sure why that was so sexy to me. My usually cautious brain seemed to have dissolved into mush.

A noise made me jerk my head up at the ceiling. An annoying clicking thundered above us. What the hell? I don’t have money to fix animal damage to my business. I rubbed my forehead in frustration.

“The crows,” Royce whispered. A look of constipation washed over his face and for a moment, and maybe I was hallucinating, but I could have sworn his eyes turned red.

“How do you know it’s crows?” I pointed towards the ceiling. As I looked upwards I lost my balance and almost fell, suddenly remembering why I’d stopped drinking after college.

I wasn’t supposed to get this drunk, especially tonight. This was my chance to prove to Daddy I could manage my own restaurant, but here I was a drunken mess.

“I need to go,” I stuttered. Wobbling towards the door, my feet stopped when his warm hands met my waist.

Pleasure jolted through my midsection. The firmness of his member bumped against me, making my heart speed up. His strong hands on my waist made me stand straighter. What was he doing to me?

My eyes darted to the boxes of plastic straws and other restaurant cutlery. This was irresponsible of me. I was supposed to be tending to my new business.

The warmth of his breath on the back of my neck sent satisfying shivers through me, and kept me locked in place in front of him. He spun my body around. The toothpick flew from his mouth and revealed a set of extremely sharp teeth.

“Whoa,” I breathed. “Your fangs look…” my eyes squinted as I reached out to touch his teeth. I couldn’t believe I was sticking my hands in a grown man’s mouth, but I couldn’t stop. When I touched one of his teeth and tried to pull it, I was met with resistance. I gasped. His fangs were immovable. Almost as if they were real.

He let out a nervous chuckle. “Yeah, I know a guy. Hooked me up with an authentic looking set.”

I bit my lip, ignoring his explanation. It wasn’t clear to me if I was just drunk, or if I just wanted to be closer to this man. His burgundy suit hugged his arms so perfectly.

Water leaked from the ceiling and I heard a noise…I guessed it was the crows again. I jumped from his arms then pointed up again.

“What is that? I’ve gotta go, I can’t have this.” I reached for the door again but in an instant he blocked me.

A gasp escaped me. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry about the crows.” His face twisted again. Something was making him angry, but it couldn’t be some damn crows, right? That wouldn’t make sense.

“Look dude We had fun tonight, this controlling thirst does not become you. Move out of my way!”

“I can fix it tomorrow,” he said. His eyes turned maroon, and the fear I felt about my restaurant melted away. What the hell was happening?

“Why would you do that? Are you even skilled at…um…fixing roofs?” He had soft hands and smooth skin. It was hard for me to believe knew how to fix a ceiling.

“I am. Very skilled.” He grabbed me again and pulled me in close. Inhaling his cologne and staring into his hazel-turned-maroon eyes, my anxiety melted away. He ran his top row of teeth gently across my neck, tickling and arousing me simultaneously. I had no clue who or what this man was, but the feeling he gave me was undeniably addicting, and I wanted more.

Read the full novel synopsis here!


It happened in the blink of an eye. One moment, my best friend Tanya and I had locked eyes across the Tuvanian Turkey Day festival, twerkin to our jams, and the next, she had lunged a giant turkey leg at Royce’s forehead.

Why Tanya? I imagined yelling at her. Why must you be your usual petty self today?

I knew she didn’t like my vampire husband, but the least she could do was save this tomfoolery for behind closed doors. 

Royce clenched his fists and his eyes flashed red. I stroked his tensed arm as he breathed heavily.

“It’s okay,” I said. “Don’t take the bait, babe. You know Tanya likes to mess with people.”

Royce turned to me, his maroon eyes calmed back down and changed back to their hazel hue. 

“You’re right,” he said. “She isn’t worth it is she?”

I rubbed his arm with no reply. My life had been a constant rock and hard place since I eloped to Royce, a member of a secret organization who brainwashed Tuvanian civilians through the media. But I was being paid, more money than I’d ever had, to marry him. It was an added bonus that Royce was sexy as hell.

The hardest part of being married to Royce so far, was dealing with my best friend’s hatred towards him. But the truth was, Royce was good to me. He afforded me a life of luxury that I both craved and deserved.

Relieved that Royce finally calmed his vampire down, I let out a sigh and continued passing out Turkeys to the Tuvanian public. Community service always brought me a tremendous amount of joy for me and now that I could do it alongside my lover, satisfaction filled me.

When I looked up, Royce was staring intently at Tanya. My heart quickened again. Oh no.

“Royce…” I said, moving closer to him. He wouldn’t budge. His glare was so intense, I wondered if he was using his mental powers on best friend. The powers I was immune to. For some strange reason Royce couldn’t control my mind like he could the others. It was part of his attraction to me.

Royce continued his stare and Tanya’s body slowly collapsed. Her knees were first to go, they banged straight onto the hard cement and the cracking sound that ensued shot terror through my veins.

“Royce!” I yelled. This was unbelievable. Today was about serving the community and giving thanks and here he was using his mind for violence.

He turned to me and his hand clasped around my throat, choking me. It was hard to breathe and I thought for sure right then and there, I would lose my life. Who was he right now? What was he? His eyes lit up with the fire of a million suns. I’d never seen him react this way. 

Breathless, I darted my eyes through the crowd at Tanya. People gathered around to help her off the ground. I wanted desperately to go help too, but instead I was dealing with Royce’s bizarre rage.

“Whats going on here?” The thunder of an authoritative voice had never soothed me more.

Royce released my throat and stared at me for a second before addressing the officer. 

“We were just…doing some role playing for our show.” Royce’s voice was even and controlled. How could he switch his demeanor so fast like that?

Before I could yell and call him the liar he was, suddenly my neck tingled with pleasure. Shock waves danced across my upper chest and neck as if a masseuse was working magic on me. I narrowed my eyes at Royce in anger, but I couldn’t hold my grudge for long. An overwhelming sense of relaxation overtook my entire body. Each limb filled with ease. A sense of giddy-ness washed through me and I jumped in on the lie.

“Yes, officer,” I said. Royce grabbed my hand and held it.

The officer furrowed his brows. “Yes what, young lady?”

I blushed, appreciating how he called me young.

“Royce and I were just messing around,” I said. You watch our show right? Surviving the Vampire Virus with Royce and Sadie? We were simulating a vampire attack, jokingly of course.”

The officer let out a nervous chuckle. “I watched one episode,” he paused, “but only because my wife made me.” He tilted his hat at us and walked away whistling.

The officer came back. “Hey could you guys sign this for me? I mean, my wife?” He held out a t-shirt with our faces on it. Royce and I looked at each other and laughed as we signed his shirt.

After we signed the officer’s t-shirt Royce and I put a “be back soon” sign on our tent and walked to the back of a building to talk.

His firm hand stayed on my waist the entire walk over, but my nerves were beyond shot. All I could wonder was if the man I married was a monster after all. Had I been blinded by the money?

Read the full novel synopsis here!

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