What Growing my Nails taught me about Goal Setting 💅🏾

After watching a ton of this woman’s videos and following the #longnaturalnails hashtag on Instagram, I followed the tips and grew my nails to a pretty long length(for me). I was so proud of myself initially. But yesterday I cut them off to start fresh, and it made me think a lot about goal setting, achievement, and maintenance.


Sure, I know that a nail-growth goal seems trivial, but this applies to most if not all goals.

I got discouraged during the nail growth journey, partially because I was envious of the long-nail videos I was watching. I was impatient with the process. I knew my nails would grow, but the wait got to me. Have you ever gotten impatient on your way to a goal?

But the other reason I got discouraged was due to the maintenance. With my new nail growth, I had to be extra cautious when playing with my toddler, try not to scratch people, and oil my nails religiously because I live in a dry climate.

There was an adjustment period, that’s for sure. But it was cool. I enjoyed having long nails. I look forward to growing then out again, but due to my experience, I won’t grow them as long.

The experience taught me something. After I grew my nails out, they didn’t seem that amazing anymore. Reality set in.

Because I wasn’t diligent enough with filing, I often caught snags. I’d watched the videos and I knew beautiful long nails required weekly tending, but sometimes I’d skip a few weeks and pay for it with brittle nails. I was off and on with my routine, and I had to pay for that.

My new nails morphed from a beautiful asset, to an annoying liability. What was I thinking? I’m a writer. Blogger. I’m always typing. How the heck am I gonna do that with these long nails?

The maintenance routine became a chore, and it wasn’t a match to my current lifestyle.

Thats when I realized…sometimes when we set goals, we don’t consider the MAINTENANCE required to maintain the goal.


Your house, your children, your job, your body, your mental state…all of these things require daily watering and care.

So when you set a new goal…read the fine print. Don’t get lost in shiny new object syndrome. Why? Because there will always be a new shiny object to chase. Go for what you actually enjoy or care about enough to maintain.


Have I done my research? Do I know what this goal requires?

What will it take to maintain this goal once I achieve it? Do I have the willingness to change my lifestyle to suit it?

How will I need to change my mental state or daily habits to make room for this goal? Am I willing to make those changes?

What will I need to learn in order to achieve this goal? Am I willing to put forth the focus required?

Do I really want this? Or am I lost in shiny new object syndrome?

Have you ever had a goal that caused you to step back and reevaluate your true desires? What did you find out about yourself?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Nia Venus 💅🏾

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