Get off your a**: The Beauty of taking Action.

Welcome to 2021 y’all! We made it. Now are you ready to take action to create a life you love?

I’ve been reading this book, Mental Alchemy, and one of my favorite points in this book is: a lack of action=a lack of results.

The only think that keeps you from getting your outcome is a LACK OF ACTION.”-George Hutton, Mental Alchemy

That’s why today we are talking about taking actions to get what we want, even in the face of uncertainty.

Many of us claim we want things, but we’re afraid to take action towards the things we want. It’s easier to make excuses and stay comfortable. Change is scary. Being uncomfortable is scary. But we’re moving into the age of Aquarius—the age of innovation. Change is inevitable, and we’ve gotta get with it.

In this post I want to share some insights about the value of taking action to get what you want…even when you’re unsure about the outcome.

This post is about:

What uncertainty means

The role of action in getting what you want

Why taking action is better than not


Uncertainty means you are split between a desired outcome, and fear. Point blank period.

It’s when there is a disconnect between what you want, and your internal belief that it’s possible.

When you’re uncertain, you wonder if you should make a certain choice, but you fear it may not be the right choice.

But here’s the thing: any action you take will bring you valuable feedback which you can now take with you along your journey. Feedback you wouldn’t have had without taking specific action.

If you make a choice and you don’t like the outcome of it, you learn from that. If you make a choice and you do like the outcome, you learn to keep doing that one. But the key is, either way you learn.

Risk is part of this life. Everyday is a risk on this planet. Literally anything could happen. But we press on, right?

We’re still here. That means the more comfortable you are with embracing risk as a fact of life, the easier it will be for you to move from uncertainty, to a life of joyous experimentation. And ultimately, you can create the life you want faster by taking risks, than sitting idle and dreaming.

The Role of Action in Getting what you want

Action is the step between desire and manifestation. Let’s say you want to start and run a successful business. That’s the desire.

Now, could you start the business just by having the desire and thinking about it with your feet up on the couch? Obviously, no right?

You would have to take action in line with that goal, and then you’d have to stay focused on your desired outcome long enough to see your vision manifest.

This is the part when most of us give up, because doubt eats away at us. The minute we encounter resistance, we think it’s the end of the game for us. But when it feels like the end, usually that’s when it’s just the beginning.

What I mean by that is, when you set the goal of running a business, you will meet obstacles, opposition, and setbacks. Why? Because running a business , by its very nature, requires a person who knows how to navigate challenges. Every business has it’s challenges. The key is to understand that resistance is part of the process.

You are being prepared for your dream. Running a business is a big deal. Therefore you will have to learn some very real lessons along the way. We have got to learn to accept that we must take action to create our desires, if we ever want to see our dreams made real on this earth.

Why taking action > staying stagnant

I’m sure this seems obvious, but more often than not, taking action towards your goal is better than staying in a perpetual state of uncertainty. Why? Because when you take action, as I said earlier, you gain this thing called FEEDBACK.

Your feedback will let you know if you are moving towards your goal or away from it. Back to the business example, let’s say you add a product to your business but it doesn’t sell. This is valuable feedback.

Maybe this means you need to research the market further. Maybe it means you need to make a higher quality product. Maybe it means you don’t really know your client’s needs. Either way…this is useful information that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t TAKE SOME ACTION.

If you’re anything like me, you can easily talk yourself into doing nothing and staying in the same comfortable spot. But this is no way to live.

Life is about movement, growth, and increase. So this year, do something new. Get uncomfortable. Go for your dreams and make them real.

We can do this! Happy 2020.

Nia Venus 💜⭐️

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