How to Never be Drained of your Energy

Have you ever felt drained? Ever spent time around someone who leaves you feeling less energetic than before? Maybe they talk too much, or need too much from you, or whatever. It happens. 

I have news for you. If you are constantly drained of your energy, to the point that it negatively impacts your life, it all boils down to one thing:

YOU ARE TOO OPEN WITH YOUR ENERGY AND FOCUS. You are allowing yourself to be stripped of your life force.

My upcoming novel, Married to a Psychic Vampire, touches on this subject. 

So what is energy and how do we get drained?

Energy is the ability to do work. The ability to move–make things happen. We all have it, because we all have the ability to take action. (Or not).

Your focus is also your energy. When you are watching television, after a while you may feel drained. It’s because you’ve given it enough focus and your body is alerting you that it’s time to do something else now.

If you feel like you have a lot of energy, it means you are fulfilled enough to exert force. However. if you constantly feel drained, it means you feel incapable of taking action, or action feels hard, because your life force has been stripped. 

Imagine you just woke up after a long, good rest, you are filled with joy. There’s a smile on your face. You’re ready to get moving and start the day. At this point, you have energy…because during your rest, you built it up. Now you have all the potential in the world. 

But—what takes your energy? 

Only you can truly know what things typically drain you the most, but I can bet wherever drains you falls under one of the following categories:

  • Something that requires intense focus
  • People who need things from you
  • Lower emotions such as shame, fear, doubt.

But here’s the deal. 

WE ALL TAKE ENERGY AND GIVE ENERGY. It’s the way of life on earth. This post is about how to make sure that you are never drained or depleted of your energy to your own detriment. Like they say on the airplane…you gotta put your mask on FIRST…before you assist the others.


  • Pay attention to your energy levels
  • Create a list of personalized energy-generating activities 
  • When you feel your energy levels diminishing, consult the list and choose an action 
  • Repeat! 

STEP 1: Pay attention to your energy levels 

Energy is all you have. Without it, you’re dead. So it is crucially important that you are always aware of your energy levels.

This requires you to PAY ATTENTION to yourself. Ask yourself: Am I energized? How do I feel? What’s my emotional state? Do I have enough energy to do what I need to do today?

If you are in high energy, then you can afford to expend some. You can give to others when you are fulfilled because you have energy to spare. 

On the contrary, if you are feeling low energy, you have some work to do. Which brings us to the next point

STEP 2: Compile a list of energy-boosting activities 

When it comes to energy-management, you are going to have to take responsibility. You’re no longer a baby who is taken care of by an adult who will constantly look after you and make sure you’re good. You’ve got to do it for yourself.

Also, you can’t assume the people around you know when you’re depleted. I had to learn this the hard way as a new mother. Sometimes I’m exhausted and I need my husband to step in. But he’s not a mind reader; I have to let him know.

So what gives you energy? What activities leave you feeling fulfilled?

Only you can answer that for yourself, but here are a few things that work for me: 

  • Watching comedy 
  • Celebrity Gossip(I have to be careful with this one, lol)
  • Free Writing/Journaling
  • Crafting
  • Playing Sims
  • Reading something interesting
  • Talking to my husband 
  • Hugging my baby 
  • Listening to high-energy music 
  • Dancing 
  • Looking at art 
  • Eating Healthy foods
  • Drinking Herbal tea
  • Watching educational YouTube videos
  • Spiritual books
  • Meditation (my favorite) 

It may take some experimentation for you to create this list. Truly take stock of your life and ask yourself: What activities give me energy? What activities make me feel excited about life once I’m done?

When you find something, add it to your list. You may even want to put the list somewhere readily accessible like your phone or somewhere in your house where you can see it.

STEP 3: Feeling drained? Consult your list 

Meditation is my favorite energy booster because it doesn’t require any props, and you can pretty much do it anywhere. But if that doesn’t work for you, find something else on your list to give you a boost. 

When I worked in an office and got drained, I used to take a break and look at beautiful clothing and art that I wanted online. Sometimes I would take a break and read a book. Watch a youtube video or something. It doesn’t matter what you do to get the energy…all that matters is that you get it!  

Also you may realize that sometimes you can’t access certain thing on your list. If all else fails, be creative. Draw. Go for a walk. Do whatever you have to do to get yourself revved up.


So there you have it! You do not have to ever be drained of your life force because you can control what you do with your mental state.

DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF to slip into a victim mentality. This leaves you open to attacks again.

Remember that if you start feeling depleted, you don’t have to panic. You just need to find some energy. You can get it through meditation, but if that’s hard for you, please, consult your list. 

Remember: The biggest key to never being drained of your energy…is to PAY ATTENTION to yourself. You deserve to live a life that feels good to you. ❤️



Nia Venus

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