Make Peace with the Bullsh*t that Life Brings: A short Motivational Rant.☮️💩

I need to charge my phone 😆

I can’t afford to get caught up in the bullshit that life brings-Trinidad James

Here is the thing. I hope your life is going well right now and all that. But…something we should remember is…

Life isn’t about being where you want to be, and remaining there indefinitely. Life is about MOVEMENT. Every slice of crap that comes at you in your life, is your fuel.

SO what is the bullshit I’m referring to, and why on earth should you make peace with it?

Bullshit is your obstacles. Any and everything that makes you want to throw in the towel and give up, or that blocks you from your goals. We all have them.

The reason we should make peace with the bullshit is because it is the ESSENCE OF LIFE.

What do I mean?

Life is about experience. Texture. Conflict. Without it, life would feel like a bland, boring place.

BS gives you a reason to live. It makes you feel alive. Gets your heart pumping. Gives you a new goal to chase, a new mountain to climb.

The main point of me writing this is mostly to get it off my chest but I just want to remind you, whatever new challenge you are facing in your life right now. See the beauty in it. See the value in the bullshit. Because once you get through it and onto the other side…you will see just how much you needed it after all.


Nia Venus 💋

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