How to Seduce yourself

Every morning I seduce myself with a cup of coffee. Before I drink my cup of joe, I must make my bed, workout, and make myself look presentable.

I make a deal with myself. What’s the result?
The coffee was damn good, because I enjoyed the art of the seduction process.

So why would you wanna seduce yourself? I’m glad you asked.

Reasons to Seduce Yourself:

Increase Motivation

Keep Life Interesting

Have Fun


Embody your Fantasy

What do you wish you looked like? What’s your ideal life? Do you dream of a gang of sexy male servants who worship the ground you walk on?

Do you dream that you have all the money and everything you want at your feet?

Pretend you already have those things! I know…this can be hard if you are hyper focused on what you see in your reality…but this is the first step to seducing yourself. Each and everyday, make it a point to look and feel how you want to feel.

Make a Habit of Delayed Gratification

Seduction is all about the wait. Like I did this morning, I earned my cup of coffee after waiting for it. My longing desire for that cup of coffee got me through the slog of making a bed, getting dressed, you know all of that stuff.

Then because I worked hard, the release of finally sitting down and sipping that coffee was so much more than it would have been if I just went for it. Play games with yourself to get stirred up about your life.

Tell yourself…I won’t do this until I’ve done that..and see don’t you feel more proud of yourself afterwards.

Always Take your Time

Rushing is not sexy. Have you ever been assaulted by a pushy salesman, or had someone ring you up at a store and move so fast that they never stop to make eye contact with you or ask you how you were doing?

There’s nothing particularly sexy about rushing. Take your time. If this means you have to take some time to prepare, so be it. It will be well worth it in the end.

So…what are some ways you seduce yourself?


Nia Venus

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