Say so: How to Make your Affirmations Work

I am beautiful. I am rich. I dare you to close your eyes and say those two lines to yourself right now. 

How do you feel after reciting them? Empowered? Silly? Neutral?

Those two statements are both affirmation statements. If you know how to use them efficiently, affirmations can add tremendous value to your life. But if you don’t, it’s best you stay away and don’t use them at all. 

So what is an affirmation? 

An affirmation is a statement that something is true. They are typically used to: 

  • Make you feel better 
  • Change a limiting belief 
  • Establish a new belief
  • Reprogram your mind 

Now why would you wanna do any of the things listed above?

If you don’t like how you feel on a regular basis, affirmations can help you change your mood through changing your focus. 

If you have negative self limiting beliefs, affirmations can help you change those beliefs. 

If you’d like to believe something new, affirmations can help. 

And lastly, and this one is my favorite, if you want to reprogram your mind, affirmations can help. You may want to reprogram your mind because you realize you’ve allowed too many people outside of you to control the way you think. When you wanna take your power back, affirmations are one way to do it. 

Tips to make sure your affirmations work:

  • Affirm WHEN feeling POSITIVE
  • Listen to audible Affirmations before bed or early in the day
  • Make sure your affirmations are empowering, not depressing, and believale on some level  
  • Remember consistency is the key to real change 
  • Use your imagination 

Let’s dive into each of these tips…shall we?


This is where many of us mess up. I know I have. Trying to say affirmations when you’re upset is lot like trying to be nice to someone you hate. Everyone knows you’re pretending…including you, boo.

Don’t affirm when you’re not in alignment with the affirmation. For instance, if I want to affirm my beauty, yet I’m looking in the mirror feeling ugly, then I’ve already lost. 

The whole purpose of an affirmation is to enforce a belief, or create a new belief. You can’t do that when you’re at odds with the statement. 

In order for an affirmation to work in changing your mood or mind, it needs a charge. If you mindlessly rattle off some positive statements that you don’t believe, you’re wasting your time. 

So what do you do to get in a space where your affirmation will work? 

  • Meditate or clear your mind. In other words, find a way to distract yourself from your disbelief. Watch a comedy, brush your teeth, give someone a hug or kiss, whatever. Just stop thinking about negative stuff.
  • Reach for the closest statement to what you want, that you can actually believe. For instance if you’re affirming your beauty but you don’t feel gorgeous, focus on one part of yourself that’s beautiful to you. ONE PART. Maybe one body part or one feature you have. Focus on that one thing and affirm something positive about it that you BELIEVE. Even if its a matter of complimenting your eyes, thighs, hell your big toe. Doesn’t matter. If you like it, affirm something positive about it. Example: I have the sexiest big toe in the world. See? Totally believable.


  • Your mind is most open to change when you first wake up; or when you’re almost sleep. Your mind is more pliable at these times. Use this time to plant new ideas.

EMPOWER, don’t cower 

  • Affirmations are proclaiming something true… eliminate any of the following words: HOPE, WANT, BELIEVE, FAITH
  • REPLACE THEM WITH; I know, I will, I am


  • If you like using affirmations, make a ritual of it.
  • Don’t expect affirmations to change your life just from using them one time. Consider that the current beliefs you hold have been built up and enforced throughout your entire life. If you want to change a belief, it’s gonna take time.


  • Your imagination is creative and very powerful. While you are listening to or reciting your affirmations, visualize yourself doing or having whatever it is you want. See yourself as successful. Make a mental movie that is so vivid, you forget where you are.
  • For example, let’s say I want to get fit and lose weight. I can use my imagination to create an image of myself at my ideal shape. If I can hold this image without doubting it, it will make my affirmation that much more powerful. It may take some time to get this strategy down, but if you keep trying it’ll get easier. 


Affirmations are a great tool to rewrite your beliefs and mold your mentality. It won’t happen overnight, and it’s not magic. The work that comes from you is in the consistency, and making sure that you are not shooting your own self in the foot with doubt. 

If you are a chronic doubter, I don’t recommend affirmations yet. Instead, maybe place things around you that make you think positive, or listen to music that makes you feel upbeat. You could also use subliminals, there are a ton of them on YouTube for free. Practice using external things to make yourself feel good more often. This is an alternate way of reprogramming your mind, that doesn’t take as much conscious effort. Once you become a master of using your imagination instead of tangible objects to make you feel something, affirmations will be more beneficial for you.

Have fun on your journey. 



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