This is how you show love according to astrology

*singing* How do you love? Are you for sure?

Do you know your Venus sign? Did you know you had one? Yep, just like our astrological sun sign, we all have a Venus sign too. The Venus sign represents our values and also, how we show love to others.

If you’d like to find your Venus sign quickly, click here. Below I will give my interpretation of each sign and how it impacts the way you love.

Venus in Aries

Individualistic. Soldier of love. Like to lead in love. May jump into love quickly, with no fear. Easily bored in love. May burn out on love from using too much energy toward it. May be impatient in the courting phase. Adventurous lover. Never a dull moment. You like to inspire your partner.

Venus in Taurus

You love giving lavish gifts. Expensive taste. You like to be comfortable with your partner. Constant, steady love. Stable emotions. You truly value your partner once you are in love. You take your one developing feelings for a person, but once you love them, you are all may show love by cooking or sharing a nice meal.

Venus in Gemini

Variety makes your heart grow fonder. You’re a flighty lover so you may need someone who can adapt to your lack of concentration on them all the time. You’re a Chatty Cathy, and a busy bee. You may talk your partner’s head off to show love. You may love to gossip with your partner.

Venus in Cancer

You nurture your partner with cuddles and emotional understanding. Your lover may make you moody at times. You may like to stay in at home with your bo more than hit the town. You may want to build a comfortable nest, and you’d probably really like to start a family.

Venus in Leo

Love is a drama for you. You may expect all of your lover’s attention. You are generous towards your partner. You like to make your lover laugh. You may show love by creating a child with your partner. You are fiercely loyal in love.

Venus in Virgo

You love the details. You may show love by remembering all of the nitty gritty things like your partners favorite foods, or the little specific quips in his personality. You are an attentive lover.

Venus in Libra

Fairness is the most important thing to you in love. You would prefer that things are always fair for both you and your partner. You may also like to give and receive beautiful gifts. You truly value the give and take of relationships.

Venus in Scorpio

You may take a while, but once you love someone you are locked in. You’re an intense lover, and you won’t hesitate to go into the deep intricate areas of your partner. Literally, and otherwise.

Venus in Sagittarius

You’re an adventurous lover, ready to explore the world with your lover. Sitting still in one place is not your jam. You’d prefer to get out there and see what’s going on in the world.

Venus in Capricorn

You are ambitious in love, yet reserved and cautious. You may hold back for a while before letting someone in completely. Once you find someone who can go the long haul, you will fully commit. You may feel insecure about your ability to find love, but again, once you find it it’s rock solid.

Venus in Aquarius

Your love style is unique to you. You appreciate your lover’s uniqueness. You like to be friends before lovers. You are a thinker in love, and can be somewhat detached when deep feelings come into play. You prefer to keep things light and always novel.

Venus in Pisces

You are an idealist, and will always have your sights on creating the perfect romance with your partner. You love deeply, and give sometimes to a fault. You are highly imaginative and may want to whisk your partner away on a fun, fictional fantasy.

So what’s your Venus sign? Can you relate to my description of your sign? Let’s talk in the comments!


Nia Venus

PS: I’m a Venus in Aquarius 💙

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