A Wizard’s Love: Fantasy Flash Fiction

My palms soaked the steering wheel as I stared at my lips in the rear-view mirror. My bare, crackled lips had eaten all of the lip oil I’d applied.

Like my late mother, I feared I would die of old age, and a lack of beauty. She’d written me a note in her last days about how ugly she’d felt, and how ready to die she was.

I climbed out of my car and jetted up to the beauty store and as soon as my hand touched the door handle a man in a purple cloak placed his strong hand on mine, shocking me. His fresh pine scent relaxed me. He wore a hood, so I couldn’t make out much of his features.

His light green eyes pierced me as he belted out only one word, “Don’t.”

In a seconds time, the beauty supply store was gone. We were in a big blue bubble and seemed to be floating through clouds. I lost control of my body. I was spinning and rotating in different directions.

“Don’t what?“ I said, looking at the man in the cloak. ”Where am I?”

He rubbed his hand against my lips. “No worries about that. I just wanted to see your beautiful lips, before you…transform them.” His eyes narrowed the way eyes did when filled with desire.

The spinning stopped, and suddenly I was in a white room across from this same man in the purple cloak. It was odd that I still hadn’t really seen his face other than his eyes.

The man took his hood down and revealed his luscious short curls. He had eyes like daggers, but when he shot them at me my skin grew bumps, massive bumps that made me forget to worry about how I looked. I wondered if a man had ever made my mother feel this way. I wondered if she’d ever met a Wizard.

Thank you for reading!


Nia Venus 💋

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