Are you vampire food?

Are you low on energy? Feeling depleted? Worn down? Haggard?

I feel this way far too often, so one day I stopped and asked myself a simple question…

Am I vampire food? I mean, the viscous beings are always on the hunt for fresh blood. They love the succulent taste of some crisp, juicy red liquid, aka LIFE FORCE. Am I the source?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

So then I made a checklist, whenever I feel drained, I ask myself these questions just to make sure I’m not vampire food…

How do your answers look? Are you taking care of yourself, or are you sacrificing yourself to the point that you have nothing to give at all?

Let’s protect ourselves, okay? Let’s NOT be vampire food.

Check out a preview of my next release, Married to a psychic vampire…coming Thursday, April 29, 2021!


Nia Venus

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