Who is your real adversary?

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There’s enough stuff in this world to be angry at to keep yourself mad for…hmm I would say an eternity.

But what’s the cost of anger without turning your attention to what you actually prefer?

My family has experienced some less than ideal circumstances recently, and I’ve spent a great deal of time being angry about it, sad about it, all that kind of stuff.

But I had a chat with Source and Source said...on the other side of what you don’t want is what you want...

Then it hit me. I’m the one keeping myself in a holding pattern of misery. It’s no one or nothing else. Just me and my mind patterns.

So who is your real enemy? Is it the media, is it energy vampires, is it a lack of resources? Maybe. But something I know for sure is that if you slow down you’ll realize…

If you are suffering, you are feeding the beast of UNWANTED stuff, too.

The real adversary is always YOU, because you are the only one who can control your own mind. Unless of course, you give that power up. Choice is always yours though!

Nia Venus 💋

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