Mental Clutter and a few ways to Clear it 🙃🧠

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It’s almost over but…HAPPY MERCURY RETROGRADE! (If you believe in that sort of thing…) 😬

In honor of this time of revision and reflection, this post is about mental clutter and some ways to clear it out so you can breathe a bit easier in your daily life.

Sometimes we overload our minds with junk, and sometimes it seems so devilishly good, we start getting addicted to having it there. 

Enter: Cluttered Mind, also knows as anxiety, also known as chicken with head cutoff syndrome. (I just made that last one up).

Many of us walk around day after day with chaos running through our minds. We can’t help it. We have limitless Netflix, Books, Daily News, YouTube, and every other distraction on the internet and THEN we still have actual real life to deal with. It’s no wonder we’re not all bat shit at this point, seriously. 


Hubby and I went to a wedding a few weekends ago, and since we finally had some help with the baby, we got prettyyyyyyy…well…drunk. 

As such, I realized my mind needed a good cleaning because I was mentally all over the place! *face palm* Alcohol is one of those substances that will quickly show you just how filthy your mental is. 

A cluttered mind is filled with a bunch of unnecessary sludge from a lot of places. You know your mind is muddy when you find it hard to get into a flow state, or to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. 

And guess what? We do our best work when we are focused and in flow state! Not split it a bunch of directions.

A cluttered mind is something that many of us have gotten used to. Itching to check social media every two seconds, anyone?

So what’s the cure? How can we help ourselves out of the muck?  I have a few ideas that have worked for me:


This alone can change your life entirely. Take control of your programming. Don’t sit and watch the news all day or read sad stories. You will be depressed. Without a doubt. 

This isn’t to say bury your head in the sand, but instead it’s about curating your information consumption so that it is BENEFICIAL for you instead of DETRIMENTAL. 

And even with the beneficial stuff, don’t be afraid to cut back. Your brain needs breaks just like the rest of your body.

Resist the urge to binge watch tv. I know. I’m so guilty of this. Especially because I love stories so much. But seriously, you are programming yourself to live life passively by doing that on a regular basis. Not to mention you’re making your brain ultra lazy. 

FREE WRITE (or talk) until you just can’t anymore

I like this one, and if you enjoy journaling you may like it too. There is a tactic called morning pages, you can read about it here, but really it’s just a process where you get up everyday and commit to writing theee pages of whatever the hell comes to mind. 

I like to call mine brain dumps. But I don’t do them daily. I probably should. I’ve just been doing them whenever I feel like I need it 

The results are interesting. I like to put my computer screen on dark so I can’t see what I’m writing. Sometimes I save my brain dumps, other times I delete them. Bottom line is that it’s a great way to empty your brain of all its overwhelming contents. Refreshing! 


This is the best! I started listening to this group called Chillout Music Ensemble on Apple Music, and I swear, I love their instrumentals. The hip hop ones are my favorite, but they also have a lot of house music too. 

Either way, listening to music without words can really help you chill out mentally and clear your mind.


Personally, I like to play Just Dance on the xbox, but sometimes I just put some music on and move. 

Dancing is really good for your brain because since you are so into your body, you don’t have time to worry about those pesky thoughts. 

How do you keep sane when your mind is going haywire? Spill it! I wanna know…


Nia Venus 💋

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