Needs vs. Wants: Can we have it all?

Online shopping OR Work on my business?

Brownie OR broccoli?

Netflix Binge OR Workout?

Why does it always seem like we’re at war between what we know we need, and what we want? Why are these two things always battling each other and what can we do to fix it?

I’ll be blunt. I have no idea, Sway. To quote Kanye in that interview, I don’t have the answers!

But what I do have is a little life experience figuring out how to discern between these, as well as figure out how to live a life where both my needs AND wants are met.

Here’s what I’ve learned along my path:


It was hard for me to admit this, but it’s true. Needs must come before wants. On a base level, we all need food and water for survival. We wouldn’t have much need for shelter or cars if we didn’t have water and food.


Needs are those things we can’t live without. Many of us throw around the word need these days because we have reached a level of comfort which allows us to do that.

“Girl…I need my morning coffee…”

“I need those new luxury bags!”

These may very well FEEL like needs, but technically, they aren’t. Needs are absolutely vital to survival.


I remember when I thought I needed readers and popularity in order to start building a career as an author. This simply isn’t true. I can step out on faith, intend to add value, and draw in readers.

If you have a dream, something you want to make come to life in this reality, don’t get caught up on what you think you need. It’s very likely you don’t need much. What you really need is basic needs such as food water and shelter, as well as the ability to make and implement a viable plan. You also need self-confidence and consistency.


Wants are those things that satisfy us in a different way. After drinking water for years, that soda commercial may make you feel like you want something more flavorful.

After so much time spent working, you may want to take a vacation to some exotic land.

The bottom line is, wants get us excited. The things you want can keep you inspired to do what it takes to get them.

When you find yourself feeling hopeless and stuck, find a way to move towards something you want in your future!


I think we can have it all, but it may not always be easy. When it comes to balancing your needs and wants I’ve learned the most important thing is to meet your needs first, then make a plan to meet your wants. We must be the agents of change in our own lives, not wait for someone else to do it for us.

We must accept that we have to CREATE a life that supports the things we need and want.

We must practice delayed gratification as needed, in order to sustain our lifestyle.

We must take responsibility for our needs and wants, and how we go about getting them.

We must build habits in life that support our needs and wants. We must MAKE ROOM in our life for the things we claim we want and need.

We must practice moderation, because over-indulgence in wants OR needs can lead to chaos.

How do you maintain the war between your needs and wants?

let’s chat!

Nia Venus 💋

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