Say Deuces to Your Detrimental Feelings

Y’all. Yesterday was such a struggle with my three-year-old.

My husband and I have been talking about having another one soon, and today I was starting to wonder if I even wanted any more kids at all. Yes. It got bad.

So what had happened was…he peed on the floor. *face palm*

and…wait for it…

He laughed while he did it. 😈

I was so freakin pissed!! Not because of the carpet damage, but because I took it personally!

I’ve been being-way-too-type-a trying to be more diligent with potty training to prepare him for preschool next year.

But honestly, with all the anger coursing through my veins at him thwarting my plans and peeing in the floor, I felt like the preschooler. *womp womp*

SO WHAT DID I do? First I put him in his room…so I could get my ADULT self together.

Then, I asked myself: what would help me move from anger to contentment right now? What can I do with my toddler, that would be good for the both of us?


It was great. I wore headphones and the song “Deuces” by Chris Brown came on. Along with taking me back in time…this song made me think about throwing the DEUCES at my shitty emotions.

I had to take a moment and give myself grace. My family just moved from Colorado back to the south in Atlanta, and our house is still a work in progress. There’s plenty to be stressed about and I don’t need to throw my frustrations on my kiddo!

My son is a toddler, and I shouldn’t take his tantrums purposely. He’s in his animal mind, and my job is to help him master that part of himself. I can’t help him if I’m also stuck in animal mind!

That’s called the blind leading the blind, right?

So…if you find yourself stuck in detrimental emotions, instead of staying there, just remember…

TAKE A WALK! (Or whatever helps you move past life’s bullshit).

You got this! Transform that BS into something good.


Nia Venus 💋

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