The more you WANT…the less you GET

The more you WANT, the less you GET.

Why the hell is that? Doesn’t it suck?

Why yes, friend. It does suck. But it’s true. Haven’t you noticed? Whenever you want something super bad, it’s like every sort of disaster that could stand in the way of it…


It’s not until we stop wanting, and start being, that we truly experience what it is we deserve.

You want love? Practice feeling loving.

You want success? Practice feeling successful.

You want peace. Practice being peaceful.

You want money? Practice feeling like your bank account is looking right.

Wanting is a state of desire, and desire is a state of recognizing something you do not have.

When you FEEL this way, like you do not have, your world starts to reflect this to you through the circumstances which make up your life.

Whatever you want…you got it already! Work on believing that and watch your life change.


Nia Venus 💋

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