Mercury retrograde: Good thinGs to do 🙃

So…we have a mercury retrograde happening right now! It started on September 26, and will end on October 18th, 2021.

Here are some ways we can benefit from this energy:


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Is your life pretty much a sh*t show? Now would be a great time to fix that. (wink wink). I’m mostly talking to myself here.


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Renew your mind! Mercury retrograde is a great time to refresh and recalibrate your mind. Are your habits and thoughts supporting the life you want to create?


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Need to give some stuff away? Now is a great time to do it. Release and let go of those old clothes or other belongings. Let someone else enjoy it if its no longer serving you!


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Are you and your lover on the same page? If not, you are supported right now in realizing where your issues are.

Do any of your other relationships need a tune up? Maybe your relationship with parents, or your children, or even your coworkers, could use some work.

Take some time to journal about whats going on in these relationships so you can improve them.

Most of all, reflect on how you contribute (or not) to these relationships. Remember, you can only control yourself.


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My entire family has been sleeping a little more since the retrograde. My husband and I are both fire signs so we like to take fast action, but boy has it been harder to do lately.

Don’t be afraid to use this time to rest when you need to. And definitely don’t waste time feeling guilty about it.


What should you reevaluate? Literally everything. Reevaluate your wardrobe, your attitude, your hairstyle, your sock collection, your diet, and even your beliefs.

Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to recognize what’s working for you and what isn’t.
The when Mercury is back direct on October 18th, you will know exactly what to do.

So what will you do with this mercury retrograde?

-Nia Venus 💋



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