When You don’t like what you are manifesting…

You can bet your bottom dollar it has something to do with your thoughts and feelings.

We are always manifesting.

Our dominant thoughts and feelings work together to create the tone of our existence.

But what does it mean when we don’t like what were seeing manifest in our lives?

Here’s what I think based on my personal experience with manifesting crap in my life that I don’t want…


We feel low emotions for long periods of time. (Believe it or not, sulking in sadness is not good for your health. I have experienced this first hand.)

Thinking about things that stress you out, for long periods of time

Not relaxing or taking breaks

Being too social or not social enough

Ignoring our inner voice

Focusing more on problems than solutions


Feel the low emotions, but then APPRECIATE the LESSONS they bring.

Think about things that bring you JOY. If you can’t think of anything—meditate or color—empty your mind.

Only think of stressful things when you are also ready to think of the SOLUTIONS. otherwise, you might as well not think about it.

Schedule time to RELAX. SCHEDULE IT. non negotiable.

Balance the social energy you exchange with people. Give when your cup is full, and take when you need some. Don’t over extend yourself, but don’t grow stingy either. You have something to offer the world.

Be still and LISTEN to that voice deep within you. form a relationship with your inner self.

BE MORE SOLUTION ORIENTED. This one is a toughie. sometimes we can get so used to having issues that we don’t even know how to look for solutions.

Every problem births a solution, but we cant always see it when preoccupied with the problem.

💋Nia Venus

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