The watched Pot Boils Slow As Hell…So Trust the Process

Nine times out of ten, I scramble eggs for my son in the morning. He has seen the process plenty of times.

Mommy washes her hands.

She turns on the stovetop.

She cracks the eggs in a bowl. She Stirs them.

Pours them into the skillet. Scrambles them.

Brings them out and sits them on the table, usually with waffles, fruit and a drink.

Some variation of this happens everyday, without fail.

His job, while mom makes breakfast, is to do his main job in life right now: play.

But lately, he does something very different.

He watches me. Intently. He isn’t watching to help me cook, as he’s done that before. This is a different look.

He watches as if he’s uncertain if mom will bring his food. As if he has lost confidence in the process. As if mom just may decide he gets no breakfast this morning. He watches as if mom may be conspiring against him. He watches as if mom doesn’t know he’s hungry.

In terms of ’trusting the process,’ it seems the little one has started to accept and therefore create the possibility that he might NOT get what he wants.

This is a very human thing, but as his mother I remember a time when he was never uncertain as to whether or not his needs would be met. Back when he was selfish and felt deserving enough to KNOW and NEVER DOUBT that what he desires is coming.

This brings me to the point of this post. If you find yourself doubting or watching the clock…stop and ask yourself:

Am I trusting the process of life and the process of getting what I want? Or am I frantically watching and waiting for the pot to boil? Am I ever truly sure whether what I want is actually on its way to me? Do I have more faith or doubt?

Trusting the process is about faith and belief that you deserve what you are asking for. It’s rooted in a simple yet crucial understanding that the moment you TRULY EXPECT something, energies fluctuate which allow that thing to make it’s way to you…UNLESS you block it with doubt.

You see, we humans tend to forget how powerful the thing at the top of our bodies is. We are so powerful, we can block ourselves and what we want, just as well as we can attract what is wanted.

So the next time you find yourself feeling doubtful…remember…everything has a process. Trust it, and know that watching it with a doubtful mind will only slow it down further.

So, how do you keep yourself calm when you anxiously want something?! Please do share your experiences!


Nia Venus 💋

Shop Fiction 📚

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